Monday, September 07, 2015

My Thrifty Self | Carboot Sale Bargains ♥

I absolutely love a good carboot and when I visited Jersey last week I just had to go along to two which were taking place on Sunday morning. My Dad's girlfriend, her daughters and I headed off early to visit the Milbrook carboot on The Avenue and I was delighted to see that it was rather big, with lots of tables full of really nice things and lots of amazing bargains too! The other carboot we went to, which was next to the airport, had declined considerably in size since we went there last year and there were only a handful of tables with people selling, it was sad to see but I still managed to pick up a bargain there too. Let me show you what I bought...

My first purchase of the day was this Bare Minerals Warmth All-Over Face Powder, which is pretty much full and only cost £1 - a total bargain as it retails for £20 new. I picked this up for contouring and have yet to use it but I think it'll do the job, I've heard a lot of great things about Bare Minerals so I hope it lives up to my expectations!

My next purchase was my absolute bargain of the day! I picked up this Nikon COOLPIX 8800 for just £20! The camera itself was released in 2004 so it's a bit less advanced than my Nikon D3200 but it has a 8.9 - 89mm zoom, it came with an SD card (although it's larger than a normal one so I need to buy an adapter off Amazon but they're fairly cheap too), two batteries and a battery charger, which itself costs £19.99 because I had only just bought one the day before. Such a great bargain and an amazing find for me as I like to collect cameras anyway. I even took a few snaps on it and they turned out great.

I also picked up these sweet, afternoon tea inspired cake tins and they were £2 for the two. My dream is to have a shabby chic inspired kitchen and I think these fit well into the theme. Plus, you can never have enough cake tins, especially when you're fond of baking cupcakes!

This gorgeous vanilla cupcake metal sign was only £1 and I love it! It has quite a retro feel to it I think and it's now hanging proudly in my kitchen.

My Dad's girlfriend actually bought me this Lee Cooper bag which is new with tags. It was marked at £7, which I think is a bit steep for a carboot sale. I thought it was a Cath Kidston bag before I looked at it more closely but I love the floral print and the style of the bag, perfect for carrying everything I need when out and about with my boy.

When I saw this rose print bag I knew I had to have it. It's gorgeous and the colour is perfect for autumn. It was only £2.50 and I've already worn it out too so it's not going to waste!

I got these heart shaped cushions at the smaller carboot sale and I absolutely love them! Some people would probably find the granny-ish but I think they're super sweet and so dainty too. My bed definitely doesn't need anymore cushions but I really couldn't resist them. They were £3 for the two.

I really do love anything to do with angels, so when I saw these angel cards for just £1 I had to pick them up. I'm not sure on how you use them yet but hopefully we'll have some fun with them anyway.

I have a lot of beauty and makeup products on my dresser and it can get very messy at times, so when I saw this heart shaped makeup brush holder from Tiger at the carboot I had to get it. I actually already have one and the lady selling it wanted £3 - no way was I paying that when I had paid €3 for it brand new. I haggled her down to £1. If I can fit some lipsticks in this rather than brushes then it'll be perfect.

I also picked up some HappyLand toys for Tyler Lee and a wooden fire engine - I can never resist wooden toys. These were just £3 for the lot which I thought was pretty good, plus he was more than happy with his new toys and that's all that matters really, isn't it?

The carboots in Jersey are so good, always filled with lovely things for amazing bargains. I went to a carboot here in Cork yesterday morning and it's ridiculous the amount that people are charging for their second-hand items... €8 for a pack of tarot cards... *cough*... I did get some amazing makeup bargains though so I'll feature them in a post during the week once I've had time to swatch, etc.

Are you a fan of carboots? Have you ever found any amazing bargains at one?


  1. omg I can't believe that nikon for £20, I am after a new lens for my camera but just can't afford it the minute, might think about checking out some car boots, you got some fabulous bits FI , I love the bags too

  2. I am obsessed with car boots and already getting sad that the ones around here end in October and don't start again until March. I went to one yesterday and picked up some amazing jumpers and work trousers for only 50p each.

    You have some really lovely things there! Those little cushions are absolutely gorgeous and what a bargain on the Bare Minerals! I can't get over the camera either. You definitely have an eye for a good buy!

  3. woaaaah! You did so well out of that carboot and what a bargain that camera was! I'll have to look up some around me and get on it!

  4. wow that is a good haul. I love car boots and charity shops when I have time to really look. I have had a few really good buys recently too.

  5. I love car boots, iv not being to one in quiet a while need to go soon

  6. Wow, I really need to go to your car boots. You've picked up some awesome bargains. That camera was a great find

  7. Wow, that camera was an amazing find! And the cake tins are lovely. I've never sold at a car boot but I think the kids would enjoy selling some of their old toys and making some money to spend at other tables. We'd probably end up coming home with more than we sold though!

  8. Wow, you picked up great pieces! Had to laugh, I have those angel tarot cards here - could have sent them to you! My boyf (now husband) bought them for me in the first year we were going out and I still don't know what to do with them! haha

  9. I haven't been to a carboot in YEARS! You got some great bargains, such good condition stuff! x

  10. I love car boot sales but haven't been to any thing year. I love selling at them, although I hate that people quibble over 50p. Get over it people! Bargain camera.

  11. Wow! What amazing finds, im impressed with the bare minerals and camera!! I haven't been to a car boot sale in years, but should really take along some of my stuff as I usually just chuck things out xx

  12. OMG, you absolute bargain hunter you! I never have the patience for these things, but always envious of what other people can find.

  13. That camera was an amazing find. I really want to go to some boot sales however I can never get up early enough and to get the bargains you have to be there early don't you? x

  14. Wowza that camera is a bargain and a half for that price!!!! Go you!! You got such lovely stuff. I`m always amazed at what people manage to find at carboots, all I ever see is tat! Though once I saw the most amazing Marilyn Monroe dresser know the freestanding 3 slots with a picture on that you stand in a room to change behind? Would have been amazing for vlog backdrop! But someone had beat me to it, I`ll never get over that lol.
    I love selling at car boots but I`m weird about buying, I love buying house trinkets but I cant buy anything to wear...I get freaked out thinking someone else has worn it, even though I know I can clean it! I`m so weird like that! Like I can buy dvds and cds no problem but not books! My OCD is bizzare!

  15. Oh wow! Some great bargains! I work with angel cards a lot so if you need any help give me a shout! Kaz x


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