Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Reading Experience With Psychic & Medium Emma Kinsey ♥

I have always loved having psychic and medium readings, my experience with them beginning when I was about thirteen or fourteen years old when I went with my mam to one of her readings and decided I'd like to try it for myself. I've encountered some hits and misses with claimed psychics/mediums over the years, some being fantastic, some being awful and some just being a completely fun experience that I enjoyed with friends. Now I know there are probably a few skeptics out there - my other half being one - but I really do love all things spiritual and I think if you see them as a fun experience rather than facts or prophecies set in stone then there's no harm in partaking in and enjoying them.

When I was asked if I'd like to have a reading with psychic and medium Emma Kinsey I immediately said yes. I was rather excited about the prospect too as I have a lot of different things going on in my life right now and thought it'd be fun to see if any of these things would be brought up and whether or not some insight into the future of these things would be discussed by Emma. It's also been quite some time since I've had a reading so I was looking forward to experiencing one again. My reading took place over the phone - a reading experience which I had never had before but I really enjoyed it, it was far less nerve-wracking than sitting with a stranger in a hotel room - a scenario of almost all of my previous psychic/medium experiences. It was great being able to talk to Emma from the comfort of my own home, so a big thank you to Emma for accommodating me.

I don't want to divulge too much into what Emma told me, as I'd like to keep some parts private, but there were some things which she got spot on and other things which have left me thinking, puzzled and in search of more information. I did my best not to divulge too much information about myself to Emma during the reading because in the past I found myself guiding people to the answers they were looking for about my life and felt as though I was sharing far too much - I never know when to stop talking!

Two people from the spirit world came through to Emma during my reading with her, the first being my great-grandmother, who seemed to want to speak to me in respect to my grandmother (her daughter). Emma was able to tell me my own grandmothers name and to be honest I was delighted to be able to be told names instead of just an initial as it was much easier to understand and made me feel a lot more confident in Emma's ability. The other spirit who came through was my grandfather and once again Emma was able to tell me his name. She also was able to tell me my stepdad's name (and it's a hard one as it's a double first name) and a health issue which he suffers with. I'm not going to lie, I was quite disappointed that my grandmother didn't come through to Emma as I miss her so much and would have loved to have had a message from her.

Emma gave me lots of months by ways of dates of birthdays and anniversaries, some of which made sense and some of which have no relevance to me as of now, but that's not to say that they won't in the future. I was also told of a possible house move - something I've wanted for quite a long time now, a move for myself into video clips/television - am I going to be vlogger in the future, who knows! She also told me that what I do now would basically turn into my career and in this case I think she means blogging - professional blogger perhaps? She was able to tell me about my vivid dreams, something which I've been experiencing for quite awhile now and told me that I have some spiritual tendencies myself, something which I've been told a lot. Although Emma didn't speak about Tyler Lee or any other children I may have, she did tell me that I would have two children, a boy and a girl... only time will tell on this one, but wouldn't that be lovely? (It has now come to light that Emma was wrong on this one seeing as I have two little boys).

A big thank you to Emma for her reading and the lovely insights she has given me. It was a great experience to have a reading with her and I would highly recommend it if you're also into all things spiritual and love getting readings as much as I do.

*I was given a reading by Emma free of charge for the purposes of this post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*.


  1. I find it odd that she didn't pick up on Tyler given that he's such a huge important presence in your life both on and offline - but it's nice that she did mention some names that you recognised. I'm too afraid to go to a Medium! x

    1. I know, I'd have loved some insight on his future, just because I'm nosey like that, lol! It's a lovely experience Sharon, no need to be afraid, promise! :) x

  2. She sounds like a very good and professional medium. I used to be skeptical but I'm not anymore. I just believe that some are real and many are not. So cool that people came through with messages. LOVE!

  3. Ah I love anything like this. I`ve visited quite a few mediums in the past, I saw my first at 16 and have seen a lot since...some are awful and quite obviously in it for the money, and others are so genuine and just hit the nail on the head and give such concrete evidence like names and dates etc that you just know.
    I love anything to do with spirituality as I`m a big believer myself and I practise tarot and other forms of divination, I actually joined a local mediumship circle last week to try to develop myself! I find it all fascinating xx


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