Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February | Chocolate Lovers Month - How To Celebrate ♥

 Did you know that February is Chocolate Lovers Month? I didn't either, why have I never known this, why isn't this a bigger deal?! As a self-confessed chocoholic I'd have thought that I'd have been made aware of this sooner in life, still, it's not to late to celebrate all things chocolate and share your love for the sweet stuff this February. Some people may think that every month is Chocolate Lover’s Month (and they’d probably be right) but it’s this month that we ‘officially’ celebrate the wonder of cocoa in all its glory. Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month this February…

Get baking
The possibilities are pretty much endless when you’re baking with chocolate. The most obvious thing to make is a chocolate cake, although there are so many variations on this, but you can also make chocolate tarts, biscuits, and a plethora of other treats. Take a look at my white chocolate covered popcorn if you're looking for some non-cakey treat inspiration or my gold & pink glittered cupcakes with their swirled chocolate fudge and vanilla icing if you are in the mood for a cupcake, or two!

Visit Cadbury World
When you think of chocolate, you automatically think of Cadbury (in Ireland and the UK at least) so what better way to celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month than by taking a trip to the home of Cadbury. It’s In Birmingham so is pretty accessible for most people within the UK and is a great day out. They’ve really made it an interactive and interesting day out where you learn about where chocolate comes from and how it’s made, and of course you get to try a fair bit of it too which is always fun! You do need to buy tickets before you go, so you’ll need to visit their website first.

 Chocolate tasting
Perhaps you’ve been to a wine tasting in the past. Well, did you know you can do chocolate tasting as well? You can do chocolate tasting pretty much all over the country – Hotel Chocolat run various events and gift experiences if you wanted to treat someone (or yourself) and you can try a wide variety of chocolates with all sorts of fillings, textures and flavours.

Chocolate arts and crafts
If you want to do something a little different that doesn’t necessarily involve eating chocolate (well, not right away anyway) then you could do some chocolate inspired arts and crafts, which is perfect if you want to get the kids involved. For example, you could melt down some chocolate and use moulds to create your own chocolate shapes. Artifolk is a pretty good website for arts and crafts stuff, although you’ll obviously need to pop to the shop for your chocolate.

Eat a lot of chocolate
If all else fails, you could just forget making any other plans and just eat a shedload of chocolate instead. There probably won’t be many of you who would object to this option, although you might need to pop down the gym a little more or walk up and down the hills in your area (like I do!) to work it all off!

Are you a chocoholic too? Did you know that February was Chocolate Lovers Month?


  1. I didn't know that February was Chocolate Lovers Month. I think every month is good for chocolate and chocoholics. :-)

  2. Chocolate lovers month! I love chocolate perfect excuse

  3. I am on a diet right now, but i will have an exception this month :))

  4. Wow, I think I'm about to start licking the monitor! :D Love this post, I'm a huge chocoholic and I had no idea Feb is the Chocolate Lovers Month. Meaning I have an excuse now! :)

  5. I shall be rejoining Weight Watchers in a few weeks time after my holiday but that gives me around 2 weeks to make the most of chocolate lovers month!! I'm such a chocoholic, mini eggs are my weakness at the moment! x

  6. YUM. I did not know it was chocolate lovers month! I think this gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate with a nice box of choccies! ;) x

  7. I love chocolate but can't eat too much of it as it plays havoc with my breathing.I wish I could eat more though :)

  8. I love chocolate! Even though I shouldn't be having too much of it since I'm on a diet.

  9. I am a big fun of chocolate. I am eating chocolate when I am tired :-)

  10. Haven't had a notion. good excuse to eat more chocolate this month so. Lol I am eating a lot of crap after this pregnancy anyway.
    I have butlers chocolate truffles in the press waiting for me.

  11. i love chocolates. The pics are mouthwatering.


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