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The Christmas Tag ♥

 I'm well and truly getting in the Christmas spirit this year. Last week I wrote my first two Christmas cards to send to friends over in America (the post takes so long so I have to post early!) and I took out some of my special old Christmas postcards to put into frames. I also have put together Tyler Lee's Christmas Eve basket and have most of his presents bought as well as Jacek's so I'm well and truly on track for being organised this year. I've always been a Christmas lover, there's something so magical about the time of year from the twinkling lights, the fabulous food, the quality family time and the gifts - nothing else truly lives up to the spirit of the Christmas season and I look forward to it every year. I saw The Christmas Tag on the lovely Sharon's blog Behind Green Eyes and thought it would be fun to take part. You can read Sharon's answers to the tag here - go show her some love, she really is a wonderful person and her blog is amazing!

1. What is/are your favourite Christmas movie/s? 
I love the Grinch, the one with Jim Carey, it's so funny but quite sweet at the same time. I also love the classic Rudolph the Reindeer cartoon movie which I watched every years as a child, I've also just watched it last week! I still have it on video and it's a classic for me.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
I used to always open my presents on Christmas morning with my family but since Jacek and I got together over three years ago I now open gifts with him on Christmas Eve. Tyler Lee gets his gifts from Santa on Christmas morning though and I still swap gifts with my family on Christmas day.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Putting together Tyler Lee's gifts from Santa last year and bringing him down on his first Christmas morning to open them! I do have others but they're more funny than anything super special. I don't think my mother would be too impressed if I mentioned what they are in a public arena but we have it on video and it's bloody hilarious! (Well to me anyway!).

4. Favourite Festive Food?
The stuffing from the turkey with gravy all over it - divine! Also roast potatoes are a firm favourite of mine too. On the sweet side I love Kimberley and Afternoon Tea biscuits and Cadbury's Roses - their wrappers just scream Christmas to me, or at least the old ones did.

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?
I used to love getting Barbies back in the day but now I've matured (kind of...) I love receiving Pandora charms, Yankee Candles and makeup for Christmas.

6. Favourite Christmas Scent?
I love the smell of winter spice, mulled wine and cinnamon candles, those just sum up the smell of Christmas for me. Also the smell of tinsel on a Christmas tree just reminds me of my Christmases as a child and decorating the tree with my mother.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
I've always had new pyjamas for Christmas Eve and I've continued this with my own son. I also put together a Christmas Eve basket for Tyler Lee, they're always so fun to put together and I'll do one for him every year. I now have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, watch Christmas movies and swap gifts with Jacek on Christmas Eve too - our own little version of a Polish Christmas.

8. What tops your tree?
It was always an angel but I've had a star on it the past two years and it is again this year also. Maybe next year I'll go back to the angel/

9. As a kid, what was the one gift you asked for but never received?
Sylvanian Families! I wanted them every year off Santa but he unfortunately never brought them. I still swoon over the ads of them. They're so bloody expensive but I secretly (or not so secretly anymore!) would still love a set. I see they have a Christmas house for this year - LOVE!

10. What is your favourite Christmas song?
For me nothing beats 'Fairytale of New York' by the Pogues and Kirsty McCall. Admittedly the lyrics aren't very Christmassy but I love the song so much and it really does make me think of Christmas anytime I hear it.

11. What's the best part of Christmas for you?
Now that I'm a mother the best part for me is preparing everything for my boy, collaborating with Santa to get him some lovely gifts and bringing him down to them all on Christmas morning. I can't wait until he's a bit older and understands more. I also love going to my grandparents house on Christmas Day and seeing all my relatives whilst having a drink and a few Cadbury's Roses - it wouldn't be Christmas without a box of them!

Feel free to join in on the tag and do link me to your answers if you take part!


  1. i've never seen the grinch with jim carrey! i might have to fix that and find that tonight to watch! :) i'm the total opposite of you and a complete mess right now. I can't even think of christmas lists or decorations and my mind is everywhere. barbies were my favorite when i was a kid.. now i don't even care what i get anymore as long as it doesn't clutter my house. :)

  2. wow such a lovely pictures nyc decoration love it <3

  3. Aww I love your look on Christmas! So much love and joy there. It's amazing how everyone does things so differently. I read through mine after writing it, then read yours and it really makes you realize Christmas is so different to everyone!

    Here is mine chick:

    P.S - Tyler Lee's hair is so gorgeous!! ♥

  4. I love hearing about everyone else's traditions. We have a tradition where the kids open their gifts from us (mom/dad) on Christmas eve and then Santa's gifts get opened on Christmas eve. My ex husband was Portuguese, so they didn't even have Santa. Baby Jesus brought the gifts and he left them on Christmas eve.

  5. Already done mine yesterday and tagged you so all good. :)

  6. A collection. Tyler Lee as baby Santa!!! Sweet <3

  7. There is one Christmas movie I like but I think I forgot the title - it's when a normal guy became santa clause and he has a kid... who believe in Santa.. that kind of stuff - it was so wonderful I made sure to watched it yearly way back, haha! I think I might do this on my blog too.

  8. I love reading about all these different christmas traditions, we dont really have one per se apart from church in the morning then stuffing our faces for lunch and dinner together with our family and friends. The polish tradition is a bit similar to the lithuanian one we practice at my boo's place.

  9. When my sisters were younger they had a load of Sylvanian Families stuff, we even made lots of different outfits for the animals! My mum kept it all when my sisters outgrew it and Elliot loves to play with it now :) My Christmas tag has slightly different questions but here it is!

  10. Aww, I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit now. And fun stuff! I feel like doing this tag too as I'm also a Christmas lover. I love spending quality time together with the fam, getting excited about the gifts and foods. We also open presents during Christmas eve, I think it's more exciting that way. I'm doing Christmas shopping today! Exciting!

  11. I love the idea of this Christmas Tag, what a great way to get to know you! First Christmas mornings are always some of my favorite memories too. Also I love your idea for Christmas Eve baskets and completely intend on doing some for boys this year too. We always do Pajamas and a book, but the baskets are so cute and the kids will love a few extra treats tucked in. Merry Christmas to your family! Also, I looked up the lyrics to Fairytale of NY... it made me laugh to think of it as a favorite chirstmas song! :)

  12. Aw thank you for the lovely mention! I'm so glad you did this tag, I loved this post x

  13. What a great Christmas Tag! I miss joining blog tags but I don't have much time right now :)

    We also open our gift during Christmas eve :)


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