Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Decor ♥

This year I haven't put up any Halloween decorations in our house apart from a banner as I know my curious little toddler would just rip them all down but my mother has gone all out, as she does for every festive occasion and we love looking at her decorations. I wish I could claim this Halloween display as my own but hopefully next year I'll have something similar going on in our own house as Tyler Lee will be a bit older and will know just to admire the decorations and not try to destroy them! These decorations have really made my parents house feel cosy and fun this Halloween.

 This is the display on the hearth and I love the orange and black theme. The witch decoration is hanging in the middle and is surrounded by pumpkin garlands and hanging pumpkin baskets on either end of the hearth. I think this is probably my favourite part of my mothers Halloween decorations, I think it actually looks quite pretty.

 These are the lights which are in the kitchen window and the hall. These ghost and pumpkin lights have been around since I was a child and they still look great. The huge spiderweb light is a new feature and I'm told it was a total bargain too from Heatons. These lights look fantastic at night time, unfortunately my little one was itching to get home so I couldn't get pictures after dark to show them off in their true splendour.

 There are silver spiderwebs on the doors inside the kitchen and hall and a black one on the back door. There are also inflatables in the hall which I think my little one would have a ball with if he got his hands on them!

Have you gone all out decorating for Halloween like my mother has?



  1. Yup always do. Love decorating. Have to finish the last bits this evening.

  2. This decor looks so fun! We don't really celebrate Halloween as much as this - just the dressing up part #BLTribe

  3. Very cute, we never really decorated that much for Halloween but the new baba is a great excuse!

  4. I love the decor. I'm totally in for the pumkins and ghosts and vampires (I am Romanian after all lol) even the spiders are ok. There are some kind of hairy tarantulas which have a little pump that makes them jump. I really freak out at those even if I know there are just a piece of plastic. creepy :))


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