Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LUSH - Dorothy Bubble Bar ♥

 If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know just how much I love LUSH products. Dorothy is a product which I've been wanting to try for awhile now, not because I've heard amazing things about it but simply because I think it looks so pretty, I love rainbows so this one was right up my alley. My lovely fiance picked this up for me in a recent LUSH haul and I thought it was a great product for it's price, just €3.65.

Dorothy is quite a small bubble bar but I got two baths out of it, it would have been three but when the water got on the blue part it got a bit mushy so I just put it all in the bath, I think three baths is great considering the price of the product, I'm impressed! Whilst this bubble bar does have a lovely sweet, floral scent which put up to the nose it's not a scent which is obvious once the product is actually in the bath. Dorothy is infused with Ylang Ylang and orange flower and as Ylang Ylang is used by aromatherapists this bubble bar is sure to relax you completely. I can honestly say that this is the most relaxing LUSH bubble bar that I have ever used. After my baths my skin was super soft, I felt totally relaxed and I almost fell asleep in the bath on my first time using it! For me it's not the most exciting bath product LUSH have to offer, it didn't turn my bath any amazing colours, it's supposed to go a deep blue but as I used it in parts I think it was too diluted to show much of a different to the watter  but it did make the nicest, softest, pure white bubbles which were bliss to bathe in.

Although Dorothy isn't as much as a theatrical product as some may like it is one of my sure favourites from the LUSH range and I will be picking it up again. Not only is it so lovely to look at with it's deep blue hue with rainbow perched on top, it's also the most relaxing bath product I have ever used in my life.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Sounds like bliss! x

  2. I'm always drawn in my the bright coloured products in LUSH!

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  3. Yes, I am a regular visitor of your blog. I know very well that you LUSH products are your favorite products. I also want to give a try. Thanks for sharing..

  4. I love lush products too. They are very good =)

  5. It sounds like a great product. I love the beautiful colors :)

  6. It looks like a cute little rainbow slug!

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  7. I ve never tested Lush products!
    I think I should!

  8. I only got the chance to use 2 produducts from Lush and I loved them. So I'm drolling everytime you're temting me with this kind of posts. lol


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