Monday, May 19, 2014

LUSH - Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar ♥

 Wonder Woohoo is a bubble bar which was include in my Mum's Goodies gift set which I received from my boys for Mother's Day. This sparkling, gold lustre covered bubble bar was inspired by Wonder Woman, or to be specific, her golden tiara. This little beauty also features an orange star (although mine was broken when I got it, boo!) - a  nod to the scent of the product I think. Wonder Woohoo smells like one of LUSH's Gorilla perfumes, The Sun and smells deliciously of orange, sandalwood and mimosa, a gorgeous scent which is really uplifting and zingy. I couldn't stop sniffing this as I was breaking it up into the bath, it was so fresh and gorgeous. I used the whole bubble bar for my bath as I love to have lots of bubbles but really it's big enough for two or three uses. This turned the bath water a lovely golden, honey colour which was actually quite luxurious and inviting looking, little bits of gold lustre floated on top of the water too, so lovely!

Wonder Woohoo was a product created to give all us hard-working mums a bit of T.L.C. and relaxation and you know what, I think LUSH got it spot on. I love how the product looks as I'm such a glitter fiend and it leaves skin feeling so soft and fresh smelling thanks to the orange oil. Thankfully this product wasn't hard to wash off the bath either unlike some other glittery bath products available, a simple hose down with the shower head got the lustre off the bath and left it clean, another great element for mums, the less housework the better in my opinion.

Overall I loved this product and am actually so sad it's gone. Hopefully it'll be part of LUSH's Mother's Day collection for next year so I can pick it up again. Are you a fan of this product?

Stay pretty people!



  1. it looks fab, did you get loads of flakes of gold stuck on the bath though?

  2. I bet this smells divine, all lush products do! So pretty too!

  3. This looks great! I need to try this! x

  4. I thougt it was a biscuit to start with LOL! I use bath bombs quite often, especially ones with lots of flowers and herbs inside. Make your bathroom smell gorge. I know what you mean about the glittery ones. They can often get stuck on the bath sides. Thankfully this one you feature here didn't. Tracey

  5. I love lush products and the fragrance they release is amazing.

  6. I adore lush products!!! This one looks fab, I love a glittery product too :-)

    Helen X


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