Friday, April 18, 2014

LUSH - Mum's Goodies Gift Set ♥

I know Mother's Day was ages ago now but I forgot to show you all what my boy gave me - silly me! I had told Jacek not to get me anything from Tyler Lee as for me, Mother's Day was about celebrating being a mother and not about my child thanking me for doing the one thing that comes naturally. However, true to form I was ignored and was presented with this gorgeous looking LUSH gift set on Mother's Day morning. This is Mum's Goodies, a gift set which comes in a big cone with rose coloured crepe paper on top, which I think is meant to represent a bunch of flowers - but I may be wrong! Anyhow it was lovely looking with the holographic, glittery design on the cone. Inside were three lovely products, all of which I am still yet to use so look out for some more LUSH reviews soon.

Rock Star - A soap which smells sweetly like a stick of rock, this is such a lovely smell and is a product I've used and loved before so I was delighted to see this included in my 'bouquet'.

Wonder Woohoo - A glittery, golden bubble bar with a little orange star on top. This product was inspired by Wonder Woman and lets face it, every mother is a wonder woman with the amount they do! I'm really looking forward to using this as I've read it has a silvery lustre inside the golden casing - sounds divine!

Secret Garden - A floral smelling bath bomb which turns the bath water luminous green and pink, kind of like a Maxi Twist ice-cream. I need to use this before summer makes an appearance so a lovely, relaxing hot bath is in order!

I just wanted to share this little gift I received as I think the products look great and this was such a sweet gift to receive on Mother's Day. It's one to look out for next year but until then these three gorgeous products are still available in all LUSH stores.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Son unos regalos estupendos

  2. aww how sweet! I've recently become more of a Lush person so I'd love to see your reviews on them!x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita


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