Friday, April 18, 2014

Heathcote & Ivory - Vintage Rose Handbag Beauty Set ♥

It's always an essential to have some staple beauty products in your handbag such as hand cream and lip balm and it's even better when these products not only work well but look and smell beautiful too. One such set of gorgeous looking handbag beauty essentials that I've recently come across is the Vintage Rose Handbag Beauty Set from Heathcote & Ivory. This set is adorned with roses and has that lovely shabby chic look to it which I love. It contains three products - a double sided emery board, a hand and nail cream and my favourite product, lip balm which comes in a very sweet little heart shaped tin. The lip balm is berry flavoured and has a scent of strawberries. It contains Shea butter and beeswax which really nourish the lips and keep them smooth. The hand and nail cream has the heavenly scent of roses and is so nourishing on the skin due to its Shea butter and Vitamin E formula. I think this is a really sweet little set for your handbag and these products are now a staple in mine. They're so handy to have when out and about and I've been using the hand and nail cream a lot. This pretty little handbag set would make a lovely gift for any special lady in your life or even as a treat for your own handbag. The Vintage Rose Handbag Beauty Set is £9.00.

The Vintage Rose Handbag Beauty Set is available on the Heathcote & Ivory website and is free with all orders over £20 using the code VREGG

Stay pretty people!



  1. This is such a pretty little set!

  2. Really cute set and good value too. Would make a lovely present for someone.

    1. You're right Clare, it'd be a very sweet little gift for someone :)

  3. Gorgeous!! I love it, I would totally use all of these items, so pretty X

  4. Such a beautiful girly set!)

  5. Son buenos y bonitos, perfectos para hacer un regalo

  6. Very nice and pretty. I love vintage and roses too!

  7. Wow.... Wonderful set. They seem to be very tempting :)

  8. Wooooah! Love it! <3 I adore rose's scent!

  9. This is such a cute set. The heart shapped lip balm got me from the 1st second <3


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