Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Peter Mark Experience ♥

 Last Saturday I was invited to Peter Mark's Douglas Court salon to get my hair washed, cut and blow-dried. I cannot tell you how delighted I was at this as I hadn't been to a hairdresser since I was two months pregnant and that was way back in 2012 so my hair was well overdue some tender, loving care. I have made no secret of my aversion to hairdressers on both my blog and Twitter due to how I have been treated in the past, in fact, you can go as far to say that I would do anything to avoid a hairdresser but I knew of Peter Mark's professional reputation, hence my delight at being invited there.

I arrived for my appointment at ten a.m. and the salon was jam packed with it being a Saturday morning. I had gone to this particular salon many years ago and remembered the dark, cool colours of the Peter Mark decor but was pleasantly surprised to see a fresh, light salon as it had a revamp last summer. The colour scheme is now full of fresh greens and whites, it looks great. I was greeted at reception and my coat was taken, I was asked to take a seat and wait for my stylist. As it was so busy I expected to be waiting at least a few minutes but no, I was pleasantly surprised when my stylist, Yvonne, came and escorted me to my chair. Yvonne was lovely and spent a long time going through what I wanted done with my hair, how I would specifically like it cut, how long I would like the layers and how much I wanted taken off the ends. Yvonne was very respectful of the fact that it has taken me ages to grow my hair this long (even though I don't think it's long at all!) and simply advised me how much needed to be taken off the ends and showed me, surprisingly it wasn't that much at all.

After my consultation with Yvonne she then took me to the basins, the part which had really put me off going to the hairdressers, I just can't stand putting my head back that far whilst sitting up straight, it's not natural! However, I was pleasantly surprised when my chair rose up to an almost lying position and I was asked if I wanted the massage chair turned on, I of course obliged! As a mother of a one year old this appointment was a real treat for me so I was making the most of it. Yvonne then began washing my hair and also gave me a free treatment which was on offer for Valentines week. She gave me lots of tips about how to wash and condition my hair, things which I had never known before. We had a great chat and even got chatting about one of my favourite things ever - Pinterest! I was so relaxed whist my hair was getting washed and conditioned, Yvonne gave a lovely head massage and didn't have those dreaded long nails which hairdressers in the past have used to dig into my scalp, I was so relieved! As I was at the basins and waiting for my treatment to work into my hair I looked around at the stylists. You can always tell how much interest people take in their particular skill by how they look and I must say all the stylists hair looked impeccable and their colours where beautiful. I think it's important for a hairdresser to have beautiful looking hair themselves as no one wants to get their hair done by someone who obviously doesn't take care of their own. My own particular stylist Yvonne's hair was stunning with a fab shine and bounce to it so I knew I was in good hands.

With my hair perfectly washed, treated and conditioned I was taken back to my chair where Yvonne combed through my hair with a Tangle Teezer. I was delighted to see these in the salon as I'm a big fan of these, they don't pull on the hair and make it far easier and quicker to comb through. She then went on to cut my hair, showing how much she was cutting off and making sure I was happy. She then went on to blow dry my hair in sections, using big rounded brushes to create the volumised look I wanted. We chatting as she was blow-drying my hair and we even talked about my blog, one of my favourite topics! I love when someone shows a genuine interest in you when you're getting some sort of service, it really makes the time go by quicker. Yvonne then put rollers in my hair and gave me advice on how to apply them properly to create the bounce I always want to try and achieve. When my hair was dry she checked my fringe to make sure it was sitting properly as I had asked for thick side fringe. 

 Overall, my experience in Peter Mark's Douglas Court salon was nothing but positive. I was made feel welcome, seen to quickly, my stylist was nothing by attentive and professional and I was delighted to have gained some hair tips and tricks from my trip to the salon. I was so happy with my cut and how healthy and bouncy my hair looked when it was finished. I even got a skin test as I think I am finally over my hairdresser phobia and will be heading back to the salon to get my colour done in the near future. I would like to thank the team at Peter Mark for inviting me to get my hair done and to Yvonne for such a fabulous experience. You can follow Peter Mark on Facebook to stay up to date with current offers and all their news.



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