Sunday, January 26, 2014

Urban Decay - 'Zodiac' ♥

This weekend I finally had the chance to wear one of my new Urban Decay eye shadows 'Zodiac' from their Moondust collection. This shadow is absolutely stunning in it's pot and I think it was equally stunning when applied. The shadow has a charcoal coloured base which comes off looking quite green toned. It is sprinkled with shades of gold, green, silver and blue microfine glitter, it truly sparkles. I'm delighted that my camera picked up on the different shades of glitter in this eye shadow. I loved when this eye shadow caught the light, it was truly stunning. I used another Urban Decay eye shadow 'Melt' to cover my whole eyelid and layered 'Zodiac' on top, I love the contrast of the very demure 'Melt' against the very vivid 'Zodiac'. This shade was very long wearing and considering I didn't use an eye shadow primer I'm quite impressed with it's longevity. I loved the shade and got a lot of compliments on the colour with people asking me which shadow it was. There is some fallout from this shadow during application as it's heavily glittered but that is to be expected.  This shade is definitely not one for day wear but it's a special eye shadow to wear on those girlie nights out and special occasions when you want to add a bit of sparkle to your makeup look. Lets face it, what girl can resist a bit of sparkle now and again? I know I can't!

Eye shadows used - Urban Decay 'Melt' and 'Zodiac'
Mascara - Maxfactor Lash Silks

This eye shadow is available from Urban Decay and is €18.

Stay pretty people!



  1. What a gorgeous colour, matches your eyes!

    1. Thanks Yav, my eyes are actually blue but the shadow seems to make them come across as green! xo


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