Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sugar and Butter - Raspberry Lemonade Lip Polish ♥

 Winter comes with a lot of problems for our lips, the cold wind can leave lips chapped and indoor heating can leave them dry and far from looking their best, nobody wants a pout that looks far from perfect and recently I stumbled across the perfect product to leave lips looking luscious all year round, Sugar and Butter's Raspberry Lemonade Lip Polish. Now when I first heard the name of this I was so intrigued by it, it sounded absolutely mouth-watering, appropriate as it was a lip product! The name itself left me feeling very eager to try it and luckily for me the kind people at Sugar and Butter were obliging enough to send me a sample. This little beauty travelled all the way to me from Australia, Sugar and Beauty being a natural and organic Australian brand. whose philosophy is to make products of 100% indulgence with 0% guilt. I was so excited when it arrived as I've never found a lip product which worked one-hundred perfect for me, there was always a flaw and eventually I would give up using the product and be left with unsightly lips, however, I'm pleased to say that I really don't think this will be the case with Sugar & Butter's Raspberry Lemonade Lip Polish, I haven't been this obsessed with a product since I first discovered Too Faced's Lip Injector Duo and that was in 2007!

The lip polish itself came in a gorgeous, sweet little pink box wrapped in a chocolate brown ribbon, I loved this touch, it looked like such a luxurious product to me and was such a treat to open. Inside the product itself was wrapped in chocolate brown tissue paper and was adorned with the Sugar and Butter initials. The product itself comes inside a round plastic container with a screw-top lid which insures that no dirt or any other nasties will make their way into your lip polish. A little plastic applicator comes to apply the product to your lips and this is great as it makes for mess-free fingers and really helps to work the polish into your lips. The product itself is natural, organic and not tested on animals, what could be better? The feel of the polish is like sugar on the lips and it really does taste like raspberry lemonade! After smacking your lips together this product works to exfoliate the lips, the paste itself dissolves into the lips leaving them soft, subtle and smooth ready for whatever lipstick or lip gloss you wish to apply after use. 

I am now addicted to this product, I take it with me if I'm going out because I simply find it fun to apply and love how it leaves my lips looking. I also keep it on my bedside table to apply before going to sleep. It really is such a gorgeous product and even better that it works! I can't be doing with all those chapsticks and lip balms which work for a short time and then end up leaving my lips dry, this is a product which I have been using a lot of now and the benefit it gives to my lips can be seen every time. Only a little of this product is needed to make a big difference to my lips so I can see it lasting a long time, I can't stress how much I love this product, it's amazing! 

You can find Raspberry Lemonade and the other deliciously sounding lip and body products from Sugar and Butter on the Sugar and Butter website. All of Sugar and Butter's lip polishes are $15.95 Australian dollars which is around eleven euro, a fab price I think for such an amazing product.



  1. Cute packaging! I love the little box it comes in. And it definitely sounds yummy! ;)

  2. ♡ the packaging is so cute ♡ and from your description, this sounds more appealing! Also love the fact that it is natural, paraben free & non-animal tested! I wanna try it!!


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