Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree Brownies ♥

I have begun experimenting with my Christmas baking, with one of the perks of the festive season being able to gorge on heavenly and high calorie treats and not give a damn of course! These are my chocolate fudge and white chocolate chunk Christmas tree brownies, decorated with red and green tinsel, ornate with silver baubles and red lights all topped with a yellow little star and my God are they delicious! Seriously, someone needs to take these away for me before I eat them all. I made them small and thinner than a normal brownie so that they wouldn't be too filling, these would be perfect little canape desserts at a Christmas party. More festive baking to come in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day and yes that is a snowman plate the brownies are on top of!

Stay pretty people!



  1. Oh God, those look delicious!!

    xo Noor

  2. wowww,,this brownies looks very cute also yummy <3

  3. such a yummy brownies ! girl you made me hungry :) you have such a cute baby !! Hi from your new follower :) please follow back doll ;) xx


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