Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Look Wishlist - Punky Vamp ♥

New Look is one of my favourite shops, I especially love their selection of dresses and footwear, they're always stylish, great quality and a proper fit unlike other well known stores I can think of! It seems like forever since I had a night out and since I bought a new outfit, (I used to get a new one every week before I became a mother!) but I have some events coming up and need new threads so here is my New Look wishlist - a punky vamp look, totally my style. I chose black as it's such a flattering colour and as someone who's still working on her body since having a baby I need all the flattering I can get! I love the shape and style of skater dresses, they're effortlessly cool, comfortable and quite casual, perfect as I don't like to be over dressed for a meet up in the pub with friends. Also, a skater dress is so versatile as it can be dolled up or down to suit the occasion, whether it be a day out shopping or clubbing with the girls. The suedette ankle boots are gorgeous with a capital G. I have boots in a similar shape to these but with a peep toe and I would love a closed toe for the colder months as they're perfect to wear with tights, suedette is a great fabric for autumn/winter too. I love lace look tights so the pattern on those tights really appealed to me and they really do make for a vampy look. The leather leather jacket with faux fur trim is cosy, stylish and gives that whole punk vibe I'm going for. I think the aviator style of this is great and I love the detailing of the zip and zipped pocked. The faux fur trim make it perfect for autumn/winter too. To add a bit of bling I chose the silver mini pyramid bracelet pack. These are the perfect finish for my whole punky vamp look and are just enough to keep the outfit simple and stylish, not over adorned by accessories.

Black Leather Faux Fur Trim Aviator Jacket - €85.99
Black Suedette Shoe Boots -  €34.99
Black Off The Shoulder Skater Dress - €14.99
Silver Mini Pyramid Bracelet Pack - €8.99
Black Lace Tights - €6.99

You can view these pieces and others from the New Look range on the New Look website.

Stay pretty people!



  1. The dress is lovely and so versatile, you could accessorize this any way you want. As usual New Look have great value stuff! Xx

  2. I love new look clothes I can't wait to buy non maternity stuff lol! I love black too not just cause its slimming but it goes with everything and alwayas looks chic and I love gold jewellery with black. Really like the outfit you picked x

  3. Love the dress, I am looking for a black tea/skater dress currently x

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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