Friday, October 18, 2013

Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette - 010 All Nude ♥

I've become a real fan of nude coloured eye shadows as of late and an alternative to the ever popular and quite expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes is a great bargain palette, Catrice's Absolute Nude palette. This palette features six neutral colours ranging from soft browns to light peach. The eye shadows have a lovely shimmer effect which are great for everyday wear. The only downside I will say about this palette is that it states on the back that the palette has a range of mattes and shimmer shadows but they all have shimmer, no matte included, which would have been nice to have the option for different eye looks. They're very easy to blend and have long lasting wear, no creases when I wear my eye shadow primer underneath - perfect! My favourite colour from the palette is the brown colour third in from the left, I wear this colour almost everyday and it's so demure and natural, a great colour for blue eyes too. The colours in this palette are warm and very wearable. The six shades are -

  1. A very light peach shade with gold shimmer, great for highlighting the brow bone.
  2. A mauve pink toned shade, this is a shade which is great for building up an eye look or for use on it's own.
  3. A copper toned brown shade with great shimmer, my favourite shade which is great for use on it's own.
  4. A bronzed shade with specks of mauve, this is another great shade, the bronze is lovely.
  5. A light brown with silver undertones, I don't use this colour very often but it is a nice brown.
  6. A dark brown with a golden shimmer, this colour is too dark for me so I avoid it.

The swatches down below are a bit mudded, the darker brown is the first shade, the the light brown followed by the bronzed shade. The lightest shade is the one in the middle and the two after that are the mauve and the copper tones.I find the two latter shades the hardest to wear, I find them too dark for my eyes but that's just me, other people may find them easier to wear. I think the quality of this palette is great for the price, just €5.49 for six eye shadows is amazing! I'd recommend this palette as a makeup bag staple for anyone who is a fan of the nude look and who is looking for an everyday, wearable eye shadows at a purse friendly price.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I was looking at this pallet in the store the other day but didn't pick it up because the colors were just a wee bit dark for me, and to shimmery. I like my nudes light and matte!

    1. Yes it could really do with a matte shade or two in there but the shadows are lovely.

  2. Have to say Ive heard it's a really good palette an the colours look great. I have soooo many neutrals though! x

  3. Seen a lot of talk about this palette and I love the look of it, but I already have too many neutrals! x

  4. This looks gorgeous! Where did you get it? x

  5. lovely palette!

    great post,
    zofia xo

  6. I keep admiring this in store and I keep putting it back telling myself I already have enough of those colours.... but I like them so much!

  7. I would love to try this palette but I have too many similar shades already!

  8. I love Catrice products! They're such good value!


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