Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioning Treatment 'Honey & Almond' ♥

Today I wanted to post my review on a bargain product that I am absolutely in love with, Alberto Balsam's Intensive Conditioning Treatment 'Honey and Almond'. I have been using this product for many months now and there is nothing that I don't like about this product, it is an absolute hair miracle and the price definitely does not break the bank! I first bought this product when browsing through the beauty isle of my local 'Dealz' store. I had previously used Alberto Balsam products, namely their shampoos and conditioners and always love the smell. I had been looking for a deep conditioning treatment for my locks as they were in serious need of some tender loving care. When I saw this product and opened the cap for a smell I was instantly enticed to buy it. For €1.49 I couldn't leave it on the shelf. From that first use I was amazed at how great this product was for my hair. Before I began using this product my hair was dry, unruly and not very easy to work with, afterwards it was smooth, shiny, smelt gorgeous and was very manageable.

The product is meant to be used as a deep conditioning treatment but I regularly use it after shampooing my hair. I leave it on for three minutes and then rinse it off and the results are still amazing. I cannot recommend this product enough to anyone, I am always raving about it when people ask me do I know of any great conditioning treatments. For me there is no downside to this product - the price is fantastic, it smells divine and it works wonders on my hair so what is not to like? If you haven't yet tried this product definitely give it a go.

Have you tried this product? Were you as impressed as I am?


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