Friday, May 17, 2013

Pretty Post #7 ♥

It has been another terribly slow snail mail week, seriously does anybody want to send me some post?! I always reply! I seem to be hearing from new pals more and more often and older pals less often, most time six months between letters! I know, I know it is called snail mail but it's nice to receive a letter from an old friend and know that they were thinking of you. This week I received post on Monday May 13th and Wednesday May 15th, both from newer pals who have now become pals themselves! The snail mail world is a really small place, everybody seems to know everybody else which is cool in a way, each person is from a different country but we are all connected by one person, amazing really. These two girls always seem to appear in my Pretty Post feature, this just shows how great they are as pals and how regularly they reply! Let me show you what I received...

 photo BlogPosts006_zps5ddcbd08.jpg
 photo BlogPosts004_zps88994e69.jpg
 photo BlogPosts005_zps83a7f840.jpg
1. On Monday I received a letter from my dear friend Vicky from England, her writing paper is so lovely.

2. On Wednesday I received my fourth letter from my new pal Daisy from the Netherlands. Daisy's letters are always themed and this one was no exception, the theme being cats, so sweet. 

3. Daisy sent me this cat cameo necklace, I love it as the cat in it reminds me of my tabby cat Salem.

Hopefully next week will bring some more pretty post.

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!

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  1. I think the cat's are so cute! I have wanted to find a pen pal for ages now because I didn't realize how many people still have pen pals I only had a few when I was a little child!


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