Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pretty Post #3 ♥

This week was a very quiet post week with me only receiving two letters, I was very surprised to receive so few as I'm waiting on twenty-five replies, I currently write to twenty-six people from around the world. The two letters I received both arrived on the same day, from Germany and from two lovely ladies whos names begin with a 'T' - Tina and Tanja.

 1. A lovely letter from Tanja.
2. A lovely letter plus some beauty goodies from Tina - two face masks, a pale pink nail polish, lipgloss and eye shadow and lovely gold and bronze jewelled earrings.

Thank you to these lovely ladies for their letters, as always I loved hearing from them. I shall be meeting Tina for a second time this October when she comes to stay with me for a week. It's so great to be able to meet pals from different countries and spend some time with them. In some cases, like with Tina, it makes the friendship stronger.

This week was also my first time sending a parcel the old fashioned way - wrapped in brown paper and string and I loved the effect. I'd love to receive post like this myself, it's so charming! The picture isn't the greatest as I took it at night, after my wrapping antics were over and you can't see the depth of the package but it is a large box that I sent to a pal in England. This week I sent four items of post and one has already reached it's receiver, I love how fast the post is these days!

 Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!



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