Tuesday, April 02, 2013

MAC Mineralize Blusher In 'Gentle' ♥

Hello dollies! I hope you're all having a fabulous week so far. For my birthday on March 9th I went to my local MAC store on a mission to purchase a blusher which I've been lusting after recently called 'Pinch O' Peach', unfortunately it was out of stock, boo-urns, but instead I picked up this gorgeous raspberry coloured blush with gold veins running through called 'Gentle'. 

I have a tad obsession with MAC blushers and lipsticks so I was happy to add this one to my collection. At first I thought this was a limited edition blusher as it was with the limited edition mineralize eye shadows but I have since found out that it is now part of the permanent collection, good news if I need to buy it again when this one runs out.

I was concerned that the colour would be too gaudy looking as I am quite pale now after my blood transfusion but it is actually a lovely rosy shade and has great wear, it lasted for seven hours without reapplication, I thought that was fantastic. The only thing I don't like about this blusher is that it can be quite powdery and can be a bit difficult to blend into the skin evenly.

This swatch by no means does the shade justice as the lighting here is not so great but you can see the raspberry tone to the blush and the gold veins running through. The gold veins give a great shimmer effect to the blush which looks great on the skin. I think this is a shade which can be worn all year round as it would compliment both winter and summer makeup colours quite well. It shall now be one of my staple MAC blusher shades along with 'Pink Swoon' and 'Dame'.

What is your favourite MAC blusher shade?

Stay pretty people!

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