Thursday, September 03, 2015

I Left My Soul There, Down By The Sea... ♥

It's fair to say that I'm a sea lover, I've grown up by the sea, lived on a little island all my life and could never imagine not living near the sea - I could never go inland. My son has followed in my footsteps, he's a little beach bum, he dives into the tide without a care in the world, he doesn't care how cold it is or if he's not suitably dressed for swimming, he just runs in and shrieks with glee as he splashes amongst the waves, it's a joy to witness. I'm a Pisces and he's an Aquarius, both signs with affiliations to the sea so perhaps it's not surprising that we love the water so much.

I'm always happiest when I'm by the sea, sitting on the sand watching the waves lull onto the shore, the white foam and the bubbles amongst the gorgeous blue and green hues, I think the sea is one of the most beautiful sights to look at and I love capturing beach/sea and sky photos on camera, I always think the contrast of blues from the sky and the sea complimented with the gold/white colour of sand is just stunning.

These pictures were taken on St. Ouen's beach in Jersey, locally referred to as the 'five mile'. It's one of my favourite places in the world and if I could live there one day then I'd be extremely happy. The beach is so long and covered in soft, white sand. These pictures were taken on September 1st, the first day of autumn and there definitely was a chill in the air. We were on the furthest, left hand side of the beach and it was quite a task to get to this spot, let me tell you! We had to climb over sand dunes, go down stone steps, walk along a stony/sandy ridge whilst carrying bags and my camera around my neck. We could have went along further and just walked onto the beach but what fun would that have been?!

It's amazing that I didn't have to edit these pictures, I just did an auto adjust to correct the lighting - the clouds were covering the sun in intervals so some of the pictures were either too dark or too light. I think the sea around Jersey is just beautiful, the hues of blue and green have an almost tropical look to them, amazing to think this island is only an hour away from home by plane.

I was a bit obsessed with taking pictures of Corbiere Lighthouse, it looked lovely on the day, I must walk out to that lighthouse someday. If we go back to Jersey next summer I'd love to rent out a VW camper van - you know, the old hippie ones, and camp out on the beach for the night. During our week in Jersey we had a BBQ and drinks on this beach, it was so much fun and I even ventured into the tide for a swim, it didn't even seem cold, the Prosecco may have helped with that though!

I left my soul there, down by the sea... and I can't wait to go back there someday.



  1. I never tire of looking at your photos, they are stunning. And Tyler Lee does indeed look right at home by the sea too. It is incredibly calming isn't it.
    Wishing you the very best of luck in the Blog Awards, you very much deserve your place on the shortlist, be proud of it :)
    Nicola xx

  2. Some beautiful photos. I live so far away from the sea (nearest beach is grotty Weston Super Mare, and that's a 2 hr drive!), but it is my happy place. As soon as I see the sea I feel myself relax

  3. Beautiful pictures and I am now so excited for our trip to the see in just over a week. Hopefully I can capture some pretty shots too. Jersey is one of the places I am longing to visit.

  4. Ah I love that song... and the sea too. We live by the beach and I never tire of sitting on the sand, watching the waves and my little ones playing. It's definitely my happy place. You have taken such beautiful photos - the water looks so blue.

  5. I lived by the sea during my high school days and they were the best years, it's fantastic being able to spend time by the sea. So peaceful! I absolutely love your pictures, Tyler Lee is adorable! Xx

  6. These photos are beautiful - Jersey is beautiful! And it looks like you were blessed with fantastic weather. Lovely post x

  7. Oh these photos are beautiful!!! Tylers curls and the sea view...perfection! I feel the same way about the sea. I should have been a water sign I think, instead of an Earth sign!!
    have you ever been on a cruise? I think you'd just love it!!! xxx

  8. Oh I'd love a camper van to tour about it. Defo a dream of mine too. Such a gorgeous location and amazed you had a day with no rain!

  9. I love the beach so so much, it's my favourite place to go to just sit and think! Your photos are beautiful too, looks like you had a great time! :) xxx

  10. Beautiful photos. I would love to live nearer the sea - we're as landlocked as they come. To be able to walk on the beach daily would be wonderful

  11. We're lucky enough to be by the sea too, surrounded by it in fact thanks to living on a peninsula all my life! The mersey isn't quite as blue as these pics tho haha x

  12. I am also a Pisces and find water to just be part of me. These pictures are amazing and such good quality. I am such a fan of scenery so I scrolled up and down these pics at least 5 times. The place looks amazing and I do not blame you for falling in love with this place. I hope your plans for the next summer come through to camp out it sounds so cool :)

  13. These are really beautiful pictures and sounds like you guys had so much fun out there. I am yet to visit jersey but I am putting it on my travel bucketlist.


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