Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loving Lately: The Toddler Edition ♥

Tyler Lee and I are back with a post to show you all some products we've been loving and highly recommending for toddlers. This week is a great mix of what Tyler Lee has genuinely been loving and things which I've been loving for him so hopefully you might see something which your own toddler will love or get some benefit from too. There were so many things I wanted to show you all this time round but I had to whittle them down to a select few, I'll try to include the other pieces in a future post. Some of the items featured below were amazing bargains so I couldn't help but share, it's always great to save a few pennies, especially when it comes to buying everyday essentials for your child as well as toys and fun pastime products for them.

 Pre-loved Toys. I'm a big fan of carboot sales, you can pick up some amazing bargains and these wooden toys are no exception, I picked up both of these for just €1, such a bargain I'm sure you'll agree! I love wooden toys, especially when they come in rainbow colours as that's the theme of Tyler Lee's room so when I saw this rainbow stacking toy I had to pick it up for him. I also thought this peg puzzle was great and my boy loves his Peter Rabbit peg puzzle so this has been a winner with him too. I gave both these toys a deep clean with Dettol and they're perfect now. The most important thing is that Tyler Lee loves them and I love that they didn't cost a fortune which most wooden toys seem to do!

 First Dinkies. The peg puzzle above made us realise that we should perhaps get Tyler Lee his first dinkies, he was using the peg puzzles pieces as cars, making engine sounds and pushing them along the floor. We picked up his first dinkies in our local Smyths store and he actually has six but I couldn't find the other two for the picture, he loves hiding his toys around the house! He loves pushing these along the floor now and thinks they're hilarious when they move on their own. They were great value too at just €1.62 for the little ones and €3.99 for the bigger one, which when you pull back zooms by itself across the floor. 

 LumiPotti. This is the potty which Tyler Lee is going to be toilet trained with. The LumiPotti is a standard potty but comes with a removable, battery powered, movement activated night light to aid night time potty training. I've already gotten Tyler Lee to sit on the potty by himself so that's step one done at least! He's only 18 months old next week but I thought it'd be good to at least introduce him to a potty and see if he shows an interest. This will be great for letting him know that he can use the potty during the night even if his father and I are asleep. The potty now stays in the bathroom so that he can find it for himself. The LumiPotti is £19.99 and comes in vanilla or green and can be bought via Amazon from the LumiPotti website.

Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Tight Baby Bath. I've only ever used Cussons Mum & Me moisturiser on Tyler Lee before but I decided to try this baby bath with him as he was fighting his sleep a lot and not going to bed when he usually was. I made him up a nice, warm bath with this and it gave great Hollywood, fluffy bubbles and really relaxed him as it's made with Lavender. When he came out of the bath he was yawning and rubbing his eyes so I put him to bed for the night and he went straight to sleep. I think this is a great bath product for little ones and it's now on offer in Boots for just €1.99, such a great price that I couldn't help picking up two bottles.

 Bedtime Reading - Alice In Wonderland. This book was such a big hit with Tyler Lee, it's Alice In Wonderland illustrated by Mauro Evangelista and he really loved the illustrations, he was transfixed with them whilst I was reading. I always pass him the book after I've finished reading so that he can look through the pages himself, the page pictured above really caught his eye, he was feeling Alice's face. I'm so glad Tyler Lee seemed to enjoy this book as Alice In Wonderland is one of my own favourites. This book was also a huge bargain as I also picked it up at a carboot for just 50p.

 Huggies Soft Skin Wipes. I picked up these Huggies wipes when they were on offer at my local Tesco and I'm so glad I did, they're fantastic for Tyler Lee's skin. I initially got them as I saw they had shea butter in them and he had a very running nose at the time and I thought these would be softer on his skin rather than his normal wipes, I wasn't wrong. I picked these up again recently as they were on offer in my local Boots for just €1.29 a pack and they have been great for nappy changes during this teething time. I love how moist the wipes are and they leave his skin feeling very soft. Even though I have a drawer full of Pampers Extra-Sensitive wipes I want to keep buying these Huggies wipes, that shows just how great I think they are!

 Henry Hoover Toy. This wins the 'favourite toy of the year' prize outright. Tyler Lee absolutely loves the hoover so we wanted to get him his own mini one so the hoover isn't lying around the house and he's not playing with dirt and dust. He loves his Henry Hoover toy, he carts it up and down the stairs, has hoovered the entire garden and is always playing with it. I hope his love of hoovers will stay with him all through his life so he can hoover his own room when he's older! He is obsessed with this toy, it really was the best €22.99 ever spent!



  1. I love the hoover! He's getting so big. I use that baby bath too, it smells lovely x

    1. He's still obsessed with the hoover and is only getting bigger! Hopefully he'll be hoovering the whole house soon haha :)

  2. How amazing are these toys!!!I love the one from hoover!

  3. We love huggies wipes! :) That lumipotty looks interesting! x

    1. I've converted to the Huggies wipes, prefer them to the Johnson's ones :)

  4. I mean what more can you ask for than a kid who loves doing the chores for you? :)) I hope he keeps this habbit when he grows up :D

    1. I hope he does too, would be amazing to have a child who loves cleaning up after themselves :)


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