Thursday, August 14, 2014

Winnie The Pooh Baby Clothes From Next ♥

I absolutely love classic looking baby clothing and even better if it's somehow connected to books, stories and the characters found in them. This weekend when I popped into Next with my boy to buy him some sandals I was stopped in my tracks by a new display they had in the baby section, it was Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh clothing. Now this wasn't that awful, cheap looking, tactastic character clothing which you usually find in children's clothes and which I really can't abide at all, this was beautiful, classic looking children's character clothing and I fell in love with them instantly. Of course, the tiny baby options in these garments were by far the cutest but my little one is eighteen months next week, nevertheless, I picked him up some pieces in 12-18 months because luckily this size is still quite big on him, bless him and his thin little limbs! I can only show you some pieces we have from the boys range but the girls range was just as beautiful with little rompers and a gorgeous little dress with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and balloons dotted all around the skirt, so pretty! This little Winnie the Pooh collection adds to the Gruffalo, Tiger and Mickey Mouse character clothing pieces Tyler Lee already has. All of the pieces are grey and as you'll see in the pictures below the light picks up the grey differently in some pictures, however, all of these pieces are light grey. I love grey, it's my second favourite colour and one I've loved on Tyler Lee ever since he was a newborn baby.
I picked up this sweet little Winnie the Pooh t-shirt which has Winnie himself and his pal Christopher Robin holding a balloon, I just love the illustration and this will be lovely with Tyler Lee's little chinos and handmade shorts. This t-shirt was €11.

 I also picked up this sleepsuit set as I think they are just beautiful and will be lovely for my boy to sleep in - I have a bit of a 'thing' for nice pyjamas. The illustration on the first sleepsuit is so sweet and I love the quote. The second sleepsuit with all the different illustrations dotted around is so sweet. This set of sleepsuits was €22.

 Finally, I picked up this long-sleeved vest and soft dungarees combo. I'm not quite sure if this one will fit properly and the poppers on the legs and crotch area seem to pop open in any Next dungarees I get for my boy but alas, I will try again as this set was too beautiful to leave behind. This set was €25.

What do you think of the pieces? Are you a fan of classic looking children's clothing?



  1. There are gorgeus! But I suggest you take advantage of this period for as long as you can because already around the age of 3 he will start picking his own clothes! And when personality strkes it's impossible to fight the little fashionisto. :)) No matter how weired his choices may seem. Funny times ahead. :))

    1. Haha I'll definitely take advantage of this time, he already seems to be a little fashionisto! :)

  2. Love Winnie the Pooh clothes, so cute!)


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