Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fisher Price - Little People Fun Sounds Farm & Tow N' Pull Tractor ♥

 Tyler Lee is a very lucky little boy, he recently was given a Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm and Tractor and has loved playing with it ever since. In fact, from the moment he saw the farm he just had to get his hands on it, he wouldn't even wait for me to set it up! The farm is great, it's not too bulky and now sits at the end of Tyler Lee's cot, waiting to be played with when he wakes up in the morning. The colours are vivid and very eye-catching for a child. The farm is red and comes complete with silo, a movable slide for hay bales to drop down into the barn, farmer Eddie, a cow, horse, sheep, hen and hay bale as well as fence posts and an entrance to make an enclosure for the animals - it really does have everything that you'd find in a farm! I like the fact that the animals aren't plastic, they have a rubbery feel to them which I think is far better quality than plastic animals, the two farmers are the same. The farm was really easy for me to put together (always a plus for a parent!) and was ready to play with in no time. The tractor comes complete with a farmer, a hen and a cow which sit on the back trailer. The tractor is movable and sings a unique version of 'Old MacDonald' when it is moved, it also makes some tractor engine sounds. The trailer also makes a moo and clucking noise for the cow and hen which come with it, it is called 'fun sounds' farm and tractor after all!

 Tyler Lee's favourite part of the farm is opening and closing the gates and whilst doing so it creates animal noises, sings songs and makes sleeping noises (I'm not sure if that's the animals or the farmer!), he also loves moving the fence posts and having a chew on them, everything can be chewed thanks to teething! There is a dial at the front of the farm which changes the melodies and noises it makes to day or night so there really is a lot of variety and sounds available in this farm, in fact, almost all the pieces make noise. There is a button in the silo that makes a funny noise, I think it's meant for a hay bale falling into it. The hen in her perch makes a noise as you turn her and the animals each have a place inside the farm which corresponds to the noise it makes. Don't get me wrong though, this farm isn't the type which will drive you insane listening to the noises, it's actually quite subtle. The tractor song however does annoy me from time to time but luckily it can be turned off underneath until I'm ready to bear it again.What's great about the farm is that there are collaborating pieces such as a duck pond which you can buy additionally and click on to the farm, I like when you can expand on an existing toy, especially if your child really loves it.

 Tyler Lee isn't at an age yet where he's embracing imaginative play with toys such as this one but I think when he reaches the age of two this toy will keep him entertained for hours with all the scenarios he will come up with due to the two farmers, tractor, all the animals and all the sounds! The sounds this farm and tractor make are actually really engaging for a child and I like that it teaches animal sounds too. I like to sit with Tyler Lee and play with the farm now, encouraging him to play with the animals and teach him the sounds they make along the way. It's such a sweet toy and is such a lovely addition to Tyler Lee's bedroom. I think every child needs to own a farm and tractor (it's a given, right?!) and Fisher Price's Little People Fun Sounds Farm and Tractor is the perfect choice. It's fantastic quality, easy for parents to set up and will give your child hours of fun whilst encouraging them to be imaginative with play. I would highly recommend this toy as a Christmas or birthday present, it'd be perfect for a special little person in your life.

The Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm is €54 and can be purchased here. The Little People Fun Sounds Tractor is £24.56 and can be purchased here.



  1. Wow that looks like a great toy! I really love your little ones curls! SO cute!

    1. It's a fab toy Latoyah! Aww thanks so much, I love those curls of his :) xo

  2. I remember having a toy like this at the nursery i worked in they are fun. What a lucky boy xx

    1. It is quite fun, I love playing along with him. He's a very lucky boy :) xo

  3. They use to have the best toys even when I was a child and I can see it hasn't changed. :D I'm a fan


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