Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PatchworkDelights - Personalised Patchwork Ball ♥

I've made no secret of my love for handmade pieces, especially when it comes to toys and softies for my son - he has a handmade shelf don't you know and when I can source beautiful handmade toys in Ireland I'm even happier. I discovered the wonderful PatchworkDelights on Facebook quite some time ago now and fell in love with their unique, handsewn, personalised patchwork balls for little ones. I followed their updates and pictures along the way and really took a liking to their patchwork balls and quilts in particular, each one was so beautifully made. Each of the patchwork balls is finished to absolute perfection, each patchwork panel carefully attached to the other and the finished piece is simply beautiful. These patchwork balls are so eye-catching, especially for the little ones with their bright, colourful patches made from 100% cotton designer fabrics all adorned with beautiful, fun designs. The balls also feature a rattle on the inside, great for spurring on curious minds to search for the noise whilst playing with their gorgeous handmade ball. The patchwork ball features a purple front panel piece too which your little ones name, date of birth or any other information you may like may be hand-stitched too. I love the fact that this fun little toy can be personalised, it just makes it all the more special. All the patchwork balls are CE marked and suitable from birth, this would be such a lovely gift for a newborn baby.

Tyler Lee's ball simply has his name and three little star designs, it's so sweet and I love the personal element. The way the stitching of the names is done is gorgeous. I think every parent loves their child to have something personal and unique to them and that's why I love this patchwork ball so much. I really couldn't wait for it to arrive and when it did I was blown away, it was just gorgeous. Tyler Lee's ball is a mixture of colours and patterns, so stimulating for his little eyes. His ball features patches of superhero fabric, penguins, elephants, stars, circles, it really is quite a fun thing to look at. The ball is super soft and is great for little hands to play with. We play games with Tyler Lee such as rolling this ball along the ground to him, throwing it up in the air - this makes him giggle a lot and throwing it to one another, it's such a fun thing for him to have and is a great addition to his toy collection, made even more special by the fact that it was lovingly hand-crafted and made right here in Ireland. Tyler Lee has had so much fun with his patchwork ball and it will continue to be something special to him for quite a long time before it serves as a keepsake for him, He loves it so much that it even goes to bed with him at night, I've even cot him resting his head on it as it's so soft!

PatchworkDelights customised, handsewn patchwork baby balls are €24.50, a bargain of a price for the quality of this product and the effort that goes into making it. You can purchase PatchworkDelights children's patchwork balls from their Etsy store as well as browse some more products from their fantastic range. You can also follow PatchworkDelights on Facebook and Twitter @patch_delights for regular updates.



  1. That is gorgeous!! So so cute. I love little things like this, especially as your son is young, he can grow up with that <3

    1. Yeah he loves it already so I can just imagine how much he'll love it when he's a bit older :) xo

  2. The ball is just adorable. It's impossible not to fall in love with it, so colorful and fun. I really like the fact that you do personalized things for Tyler Lee. From what I've seen here he already has a little collection. :) I'm sure he'll appreciate it later. <3

  3. Thank you Fi for the lovey article on my patchwork ball, and I'm chuffed that Tyler Lee loves it so much!!! X


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