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To contact me personally with an PR enquiries, collaboration opportunities or just to ask a question,  please email -
The privacy of visitors to this blog is very important to me and I have put measures in place to make my blog GDPR compliant due to the new E.U. regulation coming into effect on May 25th 2018.

Here are details on what information I receive and collect from visitors to Dolly Dowsie ( I will never sell your personal information to third parties.

You can view my Privacy Policy here - Dolly Dowsie Privacy Policy but here is also a breakdown of what information I collect and what third-party applications I use to gather information about visitors to my site.

The Data I Collect and What I Do With It

Your computers IP address.
Your geographic location (approximate, not exact).
The site which referred you to my site.
Your internet browser details.
How long you visited my site for.
What content you viewed on my site.
Other personal data which you choose to share with me via web forms.

The only application I use for collecting this data is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can store data for a minimum of 25 months, but may store it for longer.

I use Google Analytics to track how well my site is doing traffic-wise, what people are reading and how they found my site. I do not share personal user information with third parties but may share grouped information, such as the demographics of my visitors (age range and geographic location), with brands who wish to collaborate with me and who ask for this information. Your personal information will not be compromised or shared with anyone.

Giveaways and Winner Information

I sometimes run giveaways on my site and these are conducted via Gleam. Gleam collects user information and a winner is picked at random via the Gleam widget - I then announce them as the winner via the giveaway widget. What is displayed is the winner's first name and the initial of their second name. No other information is visible.

The terms of my giveaway state that by entering, entrants are giving their permission for their name, address and email to be sent to the person sending their prize. This is often a person at a PR agency who represents the brand giving away the prize or someone from the brand themselves. Winners information is not shared with anyone else but this person.


Dolly Dowsie uses cookies as part of the Blogger platform. These cookies are there to improve your experience of the websites you visit - including mine. Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored to the browser you are using or your computer, which store information about your use on websites - including mine.

I use cookies as part of Google Analytics to collect data from visitors to my site.
Cookies are also used via my commenting system - as part of the Blogger platform, which stop you from having to enter your information every time you visit my site.

If you wish, you can turn off cookies on your websites browser, but this may affect your user experience on sites where you have to login.

Dolly Dowsie is a personal blog which is written and maintained solely by me, Fiona Naughton.

From time to time I collaborate with brands, but this is made clear at the beginning of branded posts. I only collaborate with brands who I have a genuine interest or love for and who I fill fit in well with our family-friendly site.

All opinions expressed on this site are my own and are not influenced in any way.

From time to time I accept guest posts, but these are clearly marked at the beginning of the post so that readers know it is not me who has written the post - but I have given my permission for it to be on my site.

If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns regarding my site and would like to discuss these further with me, please feel free to email


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