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10 Tips for Taking Natural-Looking Candid Shots


One of the best ways to capture genuine moments and reactions is by taking candid shots. Photos that aren’t deliberately posed or staged expressions offer a more honest look into the lives of your subjects, giving your compositions a layer of authenticity that your audience can relate to. However, it isn’t always easy to take candid photos. The moment you raise your camera to take a shot, people take notice, and they’ll either pose gamely or shy away.

That being said, there are also several techniques you can implement to help you capture natural-looking candid photos. Here are ten tips that work well in any location, whether it’s a jam-packed concert arena or a photo studio Los Angeles photographers love to rent:

Make Use of Your Camera’s Burst Mode

Candid moments are often fleeting, and capturing them in their entirety can be a challenge. This is where your camera's burst mode becomes a valuable asset. By allowing you to capture a series of moments in quick succession, burst mode increases your chances of nailing the perfect candid shot. This is especially effective in dynamic situations where the scene is evolving rapidly. Whether it's a laughter-filled interaction or a split-second reaction, burst mode provides you with a range of images to choose from and ensures you don't miss fleeting yet authentic moments.

Refrain From Using Flash Photography

When aiming for natural-looking candid shots, make sure to rethink your lighting accessories. For example, while your camera flash is useful in certain situations, it can be a disruptive element that draws attention to the camera and alters the ambiance of the scene. In candid photography, the goal is to capture moments in their most genuine and the use of flash can detract from this by creating harsh shadows or unnatural highlights.

That’s why, for candid shots, it’s best to refrain from using your camera’s flash and instead allow the existing ambient light to play a more significant role. This results in a more authentic representation of the scene, preserving the natural colours and tones. Additionally, without the intrusion of artificial light, your subjects are less likely to be aware of the camera. As a result, you’re more easily able to capture genuine expressions and interactions in a more discreet manner.

Use a Prime Lens

A prime lens offers distinct advantages in capturing natural-looking photographs. Thanks to its fixed focal length and wider aperture, it lets more light enter the camera. This produces a shallower depth of field, which isolates your subject from the background and creates a more cinematic, intimate feel to your candid photographs.

Use a Long Lens

Maintaining a comfortable distance from your subjects is often key to capturing authentic moments. That’s why using a long lens, typically with a focal length of 85 mm or longer, is ideal. This type of lens allows you to observe and document scenes without intruding on the personal space of those you're photographing. This accessory is particularly advantageous in situations where getting physically close might alter the natural dynamics of the scene. Whether you're documenting a street scene or a private moment, a long lens enables you to remain inconspicuous and capture more genuine and unposed photographs.

Pre-Focus Your Camera

Pre-focusing your camera is a technique that enhances your ability to capture those decisive moments. It allows you to be prepared for any moment, ensuring that your subject is in sharp focus at all times. Anticipating the action is a fundamental skill in candid photography. With this technique, you can minimise your camera’s autofocus delay and increase your likelihood of freezing the moment’s authenticity.

Shoot From the Hip

For a less intrusive approach to candid photography, consider shooting from the hip. Literally. Holding your camera at hip level or slightly lower can give you a unique perspective and make your presence less noticeable to your subjects. Most compositions that are shot from the hip often result in more relaxed and natural expressions, as people are less likely to alter their behaviour when they're unaware of being photographed. Experiment with this technique to add an element of spontaneity to your candid shots.

Move Around to Get a Better Composition

Dynamic composition is crucial in candid photography, and one way to achieve it is by actively moving around your subjects. Instead of staying in one spot, be mobile and explore different angles. This not only helps in finding interesting perspectives, but also allows you to frame your shots creatively by adding depth and storytelling elements. Practice with different vantage points and framing options to tell a more engaging visual story. Actively exploring your surroundings enables you to discover the most effective and visually appealing way to convey the authenticity of the moment.

Blend in and Try to Get Close to Your Subjects

Achieving truly natural candid shots often involves becoming a part of the environment you're documenting. To do this successfully, you must blend in with the scene and, when possible, get physically close to your subjects. This integration into the scene enables you to capture more intimate and authentic moments, resulting in candid shots that reflect the true essence of the environment. Of course, be respectful and follow your subjects’ wishes if they ask you to back away.

Put Yourself in the Middle of the Action

Sometimes, the best way to capture natural candid moments is to immerse yourself in the action. Rather than observing from the sidelines, positioning yourself in the midst of the scene allows you to document the energy and emotions up close. Being in the middle of the action also provides you with a unique perspective that is hard to achieve from a distance.

Make Your Subjects Feel Comfortable

Establishing a connection with your subjects is crucial for eliciting genuine reactions. Whether you're photographing individuals or groups, taking the time to make them feel comfortable in your presence enhances the authenticity of your candid shots. Build rapport by using friendly gestures or engaging in casual conversation to help alleviate any tension and allow you to document moments as they naturally unfold. A relaxed subject is also more likely to forget about the camera, enabling you to capture moments that reflect their true personalities and emotions.

Trying to take a candid photo while you have a camera in your hands can be challenging. It’s difficult to be inconspicuous when people notice that you’re about to capture a moment. However, if you consider these tips, you’ll be able to take natural-looking candid shots with ease.

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