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Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy


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Pregnancy can be a joyous time in a woman's life, but it can also come with lots of aches and pains too as our bodies accommodate our growing babies. 

Pregnancy women can deal with a lot of discomfort during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, such as headaches, muscle aches, sore joints, sciatica, etc. While we have to be very careful with how we manage pain during pregnancy, there are some natural ways in which pregnant women can get some relief from pain.

Here are some natural pain relief options, suitable for pregnant women:

Prenatal yoga

Yoga is great for helping to gently stretch and relieve muscle tenderness and is an especially good exercise to try during pregnancy. You could join a prenatal yoga class to go to during your pregnancy, or, simply join in with a prenatal yoga class or video from the comfort of your own home. The gentle movements such help to loosen up any sore muscles and give you some gentle exercise during pregnancy.

Pain relief creams

Pain relief creams are a great option for pregnancy related women as they're easy to apply and work well. However, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, do make sure to check with your doctor before using. A pain relief cream is a great option as most use natural ingredients, are fast acting and can be applied easily - a must when pregnant!


A massage is a lovely experience, especially when pregnant and is great for any mums-to-be who are experiencing muscle aches and tenderness during pregnancy. There are lots of pregnancy massage experiences available now, tailored to give optimum comfort to expecting mothers and a great way to relieve pain and tension during pregnancy.

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Warm baths

A simple yet effective pain relief option for pregnancy, a warm bath can really help to ease aches and pains, especially before bed - we all know how hard sleep can be during pregnancy! Make sure to keep the water at a warm temperature - not too hot, so that it's safe for pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows

If you're experiencing pain while sleeping or while sitting, a pregnancy pillow can be a great option for taking weight off your legs and stomach area and making it easier to sleep and rest. Long pregnancy pillows are especially good for those suffering from sciatica during pregnancy as you can raise your hip and leg over the pillow to get some relief.


This is another great and very effective treatment that gives natural pain relief during pregnancy. Make sure to look for a qualified acupuncturist who is experienced in working with pregnant women. This can be a very beneficial treatment, especially if you're suffering with back or neck pain during pregnancy.

Belly bands

If your pregnancy belly is feeling quite heavy and sore, especially while walking, a belly band is a great natural way to give you some pain relief and support. 

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Sometimes during pregnancy exercise is the very last thing we want to do, but a gentle walk or swim can really help to strengthen our muscles and joints during pregnancy and in turn, help to prevent any pains.

Always make sure to consult your doctor when in doubt over how to treat pain during pregnancy. All of the above suggestions are natural pain relief during pregnancy and should be safe - but always check and make sure that what you're doing is suitable for you and your needs. 


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