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Hacks For Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

Creating more storage space in your home is something which a lot of want or need to achieve. If you have a family home, there's no doubt that you have a plethora of things of which the number of which never seems to stop growing! Or if you have a smaller home, you may be wanting to ultilise the space you have.

Home storage and organisation is a hot topic and having a clean, functional and organised home is something we all need and deserve. 

Here are some handy hacks which you may find useful for creating more storage space in your home:

Shelving Works Everywhere

From hallways to bedrooms and everywhere in between, shelves are real space savers.

In garages or sheds - store big, bulky items that you don't need to keep within your house on racking shelving units and create your own, easy to store and get to storage space. These are very handy as you're able to store upward and create a whole wall of storage space if you wish. Having garage shelving can help you to keep your garage space well-organised and allow you to have more room available for other things you may need to store in the future. Garage shelving also allows you to have a particular space allocated to different things you need to store - paint, outdoor toys, tools, etc.
In bedrooms - display perfume bottles or other pretty toiletries on a shelf above a tallboy or dressing table. Fit hooks beneath so you can hang, store and display jewellery. Utilise under-bed storage and hideaway things you don't readily need.
In childrens rooms - fit shelves at an appropriate height so kids can reach them. They’re good for books, games, soft toys or school stuff. Cubed storage units are great for children's bedrooms and they're a perfect storage solution. Have a few colourful coat pegs on the wall under the shelf where small children can hang coats, painting aprons or dressing up clothes. Cots or cotbeds with drawers underneath are another great storage hack for nurseries or toddler bedrooms, allowing you to storage baby's or toddler's things away easily without taking up extra space.
In kitchens - display attractive bake and cook ware on shelves and keep cabinets free for other things. Hang a spice rack on the end of a kitchen cabinet (or inside the cabinet door if there’s space) to keep wall space free.
In living rooms - put a long shelf on the wall behind the sofa for lamps or books. Put shelves in alcoves and use mirrors behind them to create a space illusion. Use poufs with built-in storage to hide away toys, etc. without fuss. Coffee tables with built-in drawers or shelving are another great idea for displaying books, etc. that you may want to hand in the living room when you're relaxing.

In bathrooms - use shelves creatively to store spare towels, toilet rolls or bath products. Over door hangers are another great storage hack for hanging towels or bath robes.

Utilise Secret Spaces

Could you make better use of the space underneath your stairs and turn it into a functional storage area rather than wasted space? Would a shoe rack fit in there to save shoes littering the hallway, or how about a row of hooks to hang coats on if the space is tall enough. Another great idea is fitted under stair storage which not only looks great, but gives you a whole lot of storage space to hide things away - great for families to hide away shoes, toys, coats, etc. and other things which gather in the hallway or at the bottom of the stairs on a daily basis.

Over door shelving is another great option, especially if you have a smaller home, or hooks that hang over the door, allowing you to have coats, dressing gowns, etc. in bedrooms. These are also great if you're renting your home as they don't need any screws so don't damage the door.
One space you’d never normally consider is under the kitchen cabinets. Replace kickboards with sliding or hinged doors and you have lots of long, flat storage space which can be very helpful if you have a lot of cooking or baking equipment.

Be thoughtful about what's on display

If you normally have lots of items on surfaces, consider reducing the number. Pack away what you’re not using and put it in storage, so that it's easy to access if you need it or want to update your home decor. We all have things which we don't use or need on display but that we're not yet wanting to get rid of, this is why having storage - whether within your home or a self storage unit, is a great idea.

You can do this with items such as seasonal clothing, toys, furniture, etc. Many people find self storage is a good way of hanging onto things they love but don’t have room for all at once. Large plastic tubs or storage bags that can fit under beds, in wardrobes, etc. are a great idea as they can be hidden away but keep the items within them safe and clean - they're very inexpensive to purchase too.

Hopefully these hacks for creating more storage space within your home will be helpful to you in creating a more organised home and having space for everything you need.


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