Wednesday, February 22, 2023

How To Feel Better in Yourself



It’s easy, especially as the winter drags on and the hours of daylight aren’t even halfway to their summer maximum, to feel exhausted and run down. If you’re lacking in energy, it’s hard to take other steps to boost your wellness and happiness at this dark time of year, so today we’re taking a look at, quite simply, how to feel better.



Vitamin deficiencies are one thing that can cause you to feel run down and lacking in energy, and finding the right supplement is an easy fix that could give you the boost you need. Don’t just go for a generic multivitamin. Look at the supplements you specifically need based on your gender, age, ethnicity - the essential vitamins for women are very different to the balance a man of the same age would need, and that can have a real effect. For example, the recommended daily iron intake for men over 18 is 8.7mg, whereas for women it’s 14.8mg - nearly double. And an iron deficiency can have a real knock on effect on your system. Iron goes into the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen around your body. If your iron levels drop, your oxygen levels drop and you feel tired and sluggish.
Getting your vitamin intake right, whether it’s through your diet or supplements is the first thing you should check if you’re feeling run down.


Dehydration can leave you with headaches, muscle pain, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. If you allow yourself to get extremely dehydrated you can experience dizziness, sickness and even unconsciousness, and even minor dehydration over a long period can cause kidney problems.
Watch for the signs of dehydration - like a dry mouth, slack skin and darker urine - and make sure you’re drinking enough to counteract it. The NHS recommends 6-8 glasses or cups of fluid a day, which can include water, soft drinks, fruit juice, milk and hot drinks, though you should beware of sugar, fat and other additives in these. If necessary set yourself reminders, like alarms on your phone, to make sure you drink enough throughout the day.


It can be easy to fall into a pattern of feeling tired and run down, becoming less active and therefore getting less fit and having even less energy - especially when the days are short and the weather is cold and wet. Making an effort to reverse this process can have really dramatic results. 

You don’t have to throw yourself into marathon training. Even a brisk daily walk around the block or to a local park can have a big effect on your physical and mental health, and leave feeling physically refreshed and more positive too.

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