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Understanding the Link Between ADHD and Anxiety in Your Child



Many children who struggle with ADHD experience anxiety, too. Sometimes, children have both while other times, a general anxiety disorder can be misdiagnosed as ADHD. It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether ADHD creates anxiety or whether anxiety has triggered a symptom of ADHD, such as an outburst.

Because children are still learning how to advocate clearly and calmly when their needs aren't being met, they need help. Brillia reviews from parents reveal that OTC medications, along with patient attention and a good plan, can help both you and your child learn how best to understand and mitigate ADHD and anxiety. 
Is Anxiety a Symptom of ADHD?
Anxiety is technically a mental or physiological response to a perceived threat. The persistent feelings of worry and fear that come with a social anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder can interfere with daily life. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, whose symptoms can also lead to difficulty with many different life scenarios. 
Anxiety alone is not included in the diagnostic criterion for ADHD. Some anxiety disorders can be hard to spot because their symptoms include internal thoughts and feelings that sometimes don't lead to outward manifestations. Some symptoms of anxiety, then, such as poor concentration or restlessness, are, indeed, symptoms of ADHD.
The best ADHD medication for child with anxiety addresses anxiety, as well as ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity and impulsivity. 
How Are ADHD and Anxiety Different?
The root causes are determining factors in establishing whether a child has anxiety or ADHD. A child with ADHD might have trouble focusing on homework because of external distractions like noise. A child with anxiety might have trouble with homework because they are fixated on making mistakes.
Every child is different. Therefore, treatment options vary depending on the child. Researchers have found that many treatment options can cover symptoms of both ADHD and anxiety.
Treating Both ADHD & Anxiety
Natural anxiety relief for kids could very well prevent ADHD symptom-inducing scenarios. According to the CDC, three out of ten children who have ADHD have anxiety, too. Children with both will often struggle with symptoms that include diminished working memory, sleeplessness and other life skills. Each of these symptoms is necessarily a potential trigger for anxiousness in a child. 
Some symptoms, such as trouble concentrating and fidgeting, are hallmarks of both disorders. Other symptoms, including acting without thinking and interrupting conversations that are more associated with ADHD, can be treated in the same fashion, which is through medication and/or psychosocial therapy. Often, a treatment option that works for one disorder will work for the other, as well. 
There is a strong link between ADHD and anxiety and studies have shown that children with ADHD are more likely to experience an anxiety disorder than those without it. Some of the symptoms mirror both disorders. Understanding the root cause of the problem is a powerful way to to treat it and OTC ADHD and anxiety medicines can help, too. Visit a health and wellness website today to check out the latest ADHD and anxiety remedies so that your child can have a calmer and happier tomorrow.

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