Tuesday, November 15, 2022

How Laundryheap Can Help Busy Parents This Winter



As a work from home mother of three, there's no end to the jobs I have to do around the house. There's always something that needs to be cleaned, sorted, washed, cooked, organised, etc. and let me tell you, it can get quite overwhelming, especially when my home is also my work space.

One area that I can't seem to stay on top of is the laundry and it doesn't help that we're going into winter and the weather doesn't give ample opportunity to get things dry!

We all know the anguish of trying to get clothes to dry during the winter and clothes horses with mountains of laundry waiting to dry don't do anything to help a parent who already feels overwhelmed.

What if I told you that you can get your laundry collected from you home, washed, dried and ironed if you wish and then delivered back to your home again?

A service that does just this and that I've recently come across sounds ideal for helping busy parents stay on top of the laundry this winter and this service is Laundryheap

Laundryheap promise to deliver a quick, easy to use and reliable laundry service and they're ranked #1 by customers in categories dry cleaner, laundry service and laundrette.

Laundryheap offer a 24 hour turn around time, so your laundry is taken care of very quickly. They also offer free collection and delivery, meaning no need to bring the kids out in the cold to drop of clothes, visit the laundrette, etc.

There's also no need to book in advance - which is great for parents like me who have hundreds of other things on their mind and only remember to do things last minute - as Laundryheap have the option of arranging a last minute collection. This is so handy and a great help. 

How can I use Laundryheap?

Laundryheap offer an incredibly user-friendly service via their website and their mobile app. You can use either or to book a slot for collection, then simply pack your laundry into a single disposable bag and wait for collection at a time you've chosen. With Laundryheap there's no need to count or weigh your laundry - saving busy parents even more time!

You add any special instructions for your laundry to your slot also, so you know that your favourite clothing is being cared for just as you'd like it to be. Your order will be washed on it's own, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your clothing will not be mixed with others.

At your chosen collection time, a Laundryheap driver will come to collect your laundry bag and deliver it to a local partner cleaning facility. You can track your driver via the app and get updates regarding your laundry as it goes through the various washing and drying stages, letting you know your clothes are in safe hands. Once all is done, your laundry will be returned to your home all clean, fresh and ready to be worn. You can change your delivery time slot at the click of a button if your plans change and you won't be home.

It really is super simple to use and a fabulous service for parents, especially during these long and cold winter months.

How much does Laundryheap cost?

You can see all of Laundryheap's services and pricing here. There is a £20 minimum order and washing and tumble drying costs start from £16.95 for a 6kg wash and tumble dry. Laundryheap also offer discounts for multiple loads and purchases and also special deals.

With your laundry safely in the capable hands of Laundryheap, parents can focus on other joyous aspects of winter, such as preparing for Christmas, going on outings with the family and having a bit of much needed relaxation time on these cosy winter evenings - or at least we can try and relax, I'm sure the kids will still find something for us to do!

You can find more information on Laundryheap and access their service on their website.


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