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Five Annual Home Maintenance Jobs You Shouldn’t Ignore



When it comes to our homes, we can often be so busy with daily life and chores that we can forget about important home maintenance. Although dragging a ladder out of the shed on a cold Sunday morning isn’t exactly what we usually have in mind for ‘self-care’, it will often save you a lot of trouble and pennies further down the line.
As the biggest investment most of us will make in our lifetime, looking after our home is extremely important, from the gutters, roofing, plumbing, chimneys and more. Just like our cars, our homes require a regular service to avoid future issues. We’ve compiled our top five most important annual home maintenance jobs you really shouldn’t ignore:
Cleaning Your Gutters
Cleaning your gutters isn’t the most pleasant job of the bunch, but we can’t stress enough how important a job it is. Blocked gutters might not sound too scary, but leaving an obstructed gutter unattended for a significant period of time can actually cause serious issues to your home’s foundations.
What seems like a trivial issue can become the cause of mold, mildew, interior and exterior flooding, structural issues, insect infestation and serious foundation damage. When a gutter is obstructed by an object, or by a collection of leaves, branches and year round sludge, water is then unable to drain efficiently. This causes it to spill over the sides and into cracks and gaps in the structure which eventually leads to chronic dampness.
It’s vital that we make gutter cleaning at least a yearly task, if not more. We recommend you assess and clear your guttering systems at least twice yearly to avoid issues. If you start noticing problems, such as a lack of water drainage, dampness or leaking you should check and clean your gutters straight away.
The best times of year to clean your gutters are the end of autumn and beginning of spring, as this is when the most debris, leaves and branches tend to accumulate. The cost of gutter clearing can be kept low by DIY’ing the job, however, in some cases you may need to consult a professional.
Check Your Roofing
Checking your roofing at least once annually is extremely important to maintain the health of your home. We recommend you assess your roofing and tiles at least twice per year. Here are the best timings to do so:
During the winter months when the weather is at its most violent, you should keep a close eye on your roofing structure and tiles. A weak or damaged roof can cause leakages during bad weather, and can allow for pests to enter your home. Water entering the home can lead to a build up of damp which can result in mould, mildew, cracks and peeling of plastering and even structural damage, so it’s important that you catch it early.
During spring, you should assess your roofing for any moss growth or damage that may have occurred during the winter months. Moss may not sound like an issue, but it acts like a sponge continuously soaking up water. If your roof has moss growth, it is most likely continuously becoming damp, which can cause issues such as mould, mildew and unsturdy roofing tiles in the future.
Maintain Your Patio or Decking
More often than not, our patios go completely unused in the colder months. This can cause an accumulation of sludge, slime and grime which can become hazardous to walk on, and can cause ongoing damage if left alone.
Look after your patios and decking by cleaning it yearly. The method of cleaning fully depends on the material of the patio or decking, ensure you choose the correct method to avoid any damage. Concrete or stone patios take a jet wash well, but if you’re looking to clean a stained or painted surface you may want to try a gentler method such as a gentle dish soap and a brush. However, if you’re wanting to re-stain a stained wooden deck, then power washing is a great method to remove old stain before adding new.
Always treat your patio or decking with the relevant sealant after cleaning and drying, to protect it from damage year round.
Get Your Boilers Checked
Before the winter months roll around, you may want to get your boilers serviced and looked at by a professional. The last thing you want in the coldest part of the year is to experience a lack of hot water and central heating.
A specialist should check the functionality of your boiler to assess whether it’s working efficiently, as well as emptying and refilling the tank to remove any sediment that has built up over the year. They can also check your radiator valves and thermostats to ensure you have sufficient heating through the winter months.
Check Your Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
The last, but one of the most important, home maintenance jobs you shouldn’t ignore, is checking your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We recommend you give them a look over twice yearly to make sure they’re working efficiently. This will give you peace of mind in case of potential emergency.
Ensure you change batteries regularly and keep them up to date.

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