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Toniebox - The Magical, Musical Storytelling Box For Children | Review

As a parent, I love anything that allows and encourages my children's imagination to run wild, and a few years ago we found something that did just that for our boys and have used it almost every night since then - the Toniebox by tonies®.

My eldest son, Tyler, has loved his Toniebox since we got it back in 2018 and now my middle son, Beau, is absolutely delighted to have his very own Toniebox and tonies for his own room.
The Toniebox is essentially a speaker device with padding around the sides so it's soft for kids to handle. It initially works off your home wifi (to download and upload content) and has technology which instantly allows it to recognise which Tonie is standing on top of it and which stories to unlock and play.
The Toniebox has a LED light on the top and when this flashes blue it means that the content is being downloaded - this is normal and shouldn't take too long if you have a good internet connection.
Tonieboxes are available in different colours and we chose a blue one for Beau. This came with it's own Creative-Tonie, which allows him to create and record his own stories, songs, etc. 

Kids can upload their own content to their Creative-Tonie via the Toniecloud at or via the Tonie-App, so some parental help is needed here to get their creativity into the Toniebox. Kids can upload 90 minutes of their own content via one Creative-Tonie and I think this is plenty of time for kids to think up and express their own stories, songs, etc.
Over the years we've built up quite the collection of tonies - Santa brings some new ones every Christmas and they make for great stocking fillers!
The two newest tonies to the boys' collection are Winnie the Pooh (£14.99), which is part of tonies Disney collection and Magic Faraway Tree - The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton (£14.99) - a story collection which Tyler has grown to love just by listening to this tonie and it's read by Kate Winslet.

Other tonies in the boys' collection are Peter Rabbit, Fireman Sam, Paddington, Stick Man and more. Santa is currently deciding which ones to get them this year!

The tonies vary in length and content from stories to songs. We prefer to get the boys' the longer tonies so that they can listen to them as they drift off to sleep.
Once the tonies audio content has been downloaded to the Toniebox, it can be played anywhere without a wifi connection. This means that your child can take their Toniebox wherever they go and listen to their stories wherever they want - even if there's no wifi available. 
With 7 hours of battery life too, the Toniebox is your child's perfect travel companion and is perfect for taking along in the car.

What I love about tonies®, and why we've continued to use the Toniebox and buy new tonies for the boys' over the years, is how easy the products are to use - so much so that the kids can use them themselves. Set up is quick and easy once you have your wifi connected to get everything set up. There's no faffing about, no complicated instructions, etc. (which I can't stand - which parent can?!) and it's all quick and easy to do - meaning that the kids won't be waiting long to get playing with their tonies®
The app is also super simple to use for recording content, you simple record via your phone's microphone and then upload to the Toniecloud - simple!
tonies® are such great products for children and I'm so glad that both of my older boys have their very own Toniebox and Tonies now - perhaps baby Eden will have one too as they also have tonies with lullabies for babies.
tonies® allow children to embrace a love of listening to stories and do their very own storytelling - something which I find very endearing. tonies® allow children to express their own creativity and to also appreciate the creative works of others in the stories and songs they offer with their Tonies.
If you're interested in getting a Toniebox or some Tonies for your own children you can check out the exciting range here

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