Thursday, September 01, 2022

Essential Features Of A Perfect Family Home

A report by The Times indicates that 7% of households in Ireland have three or more children. The news report further stated that this percentage is the highest in the European Union. Indeed, large families may require bigger homes, but it doesn’t end at size alone. The most important thing is to plan the available space to create a perfectly organised family home. It may not be perfect for another household but what matters is how those essential features work for you and your family.

An open floor plan
Many households with open floor plans vouch for it because of the improved traffic flow it provides within the home. Others also believe that an open floor plan improves communication within the family because it’s easy to see the other person across the room. Indeed, there are many other advantages of open floor plans. It becomes even more useful when there are young children in the home. Parents can always watch toddlers in the living room while cooking dinner in the kitchen. In general, open floor plans help limit barriers and isolation. 
A suitable dining room adapted to family needs
The dining area is an essential feature of any family home. It is that part of the house where everyone sits not just to have meals but to bond with each other. The size of the dining room may be essential depending on the number of people in the house. In that case, you can find dining tables from RJ Living and other reputable shops to fit all your needs. What matters more is how well the dining room is set up to encourage family bonding. Furthermore, few people realise that having a family dining room may help reduce the number of times they eat in front of the TV. 
Ample storage
If the average number of kids in an Irish family home is three, then the actual family size increases to four or five. This includes the mother, father, and three kids. Without a doubt, storage is mandatory in a home like this. Statistics also indicate that a family of four can generate so much clutter in a year.
Therefore, any more than that means ample storage is needed to accommodate the clutter. In other words, you can never have too much storage in a family home. That said, you will find more use for separate storage rooms or areas. This allows you to organise your stored items better without being disorganised. Whenever you must search for an item, it will be easier to locate it without messing everything up, so keep this in mind.
With young children around, you cannot underestimate the importance of a small playroom. Some households with toddlers usually convert an extra room into a play area until the kids are older. Fortunately, playrooms can always be changed and used for other purposes. It might even become another family room in the house when it outlives its initial playroom purpose.



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