Saturday, July 09, 2022

Are Abstract Flooring Designs Still a Hot Property?

Abstract designs in luxury vinyl flooring have always come down to a person's taste. Whilst every home offers something a little different, vinyl flooring designs that have become available over time have seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

With people working from home and finding themselves seeking to improve their entire lifestyle, vinyl flooring is the option that doesn’t take too much time out of life to have.
Transform Space
An abstract vinyl flooring design can completely transform any living space and provide glances of brightness even if in a dark back room.
With high concept design in flooring being a craze within interior design, many people opt for geometric concepts in flooring to re-energize their homes. It adds a renewed focus to ethnicity or background and presents a different tone to fixtures or furniture pieces.
The creativity and appearance of abstract designs give vibrancy to your decor and allow you to show off a little when the guests come over.
Modern Living
Those who are design-conscious and like things to be more minimalist, or want things a bit more practical, tend to opt for bolder colour schemes to complete a kitchen or workspace area. 
When some people hear the word abstract they usually picture a black and white cross pattern scheme. They are also surprised to see incredible innovations in design that occupy today's vinyl market. Many colours and patterns are now available to give the eyes and senses a shake-up. Perfect for children's playrooms to show that bit of extra playfulness, meaning you could give it a 3D-looking effect or colourful criss-cross design - a perfect project with the choice of Invictus flooring.
Abstract vinyl is an incredibly durable substitute for carpet or real hardwood flooring. You can be sure that high traffic in the area will not leave a permanent imprint and an eyesore in your home design.
Whether it's parties or functions, vinyl covers a lot more than just your floor. It's easy to clean, maintain and replace should any damage occur, which is a rare selling point for satisfaction. Regular household products like a mop or soapy sponge can clean up any incidents instantly with no leftover marking, with light sweeping taking care of it for the most part.
Abstract never goes out of fashion, and the best way to save on time and costs will be to discover Invictus. Discuss with your provider which designs, such as herringbone flooring, are the hottest selling item and why.


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