Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Playroom Essentials That Kids Will Love

A playroom is a great space to have in a home, especially if you have young children. It's lovely to be able to create a fun and enjoyable space for children to enjoy and when we bought our home we decided to make one of the reception rooms a playroom for our boys.

Our boys' playroom has a summer theme, so it's a bright, happy and fun place for them to play in.

Looking for ideas on what to include in your children's playroom? Here are some playroom essentials which you and the kids are sure to love.


By far the most important element of a playroom! I find that cubed shelving works great for storing toys/games, etc. and also for letting younger children access their toys easily.

When my boys were younger I would display their favourite toys on the shelves of the cubed shelves. Now that they're older and have a mix of different things that they play with, cube storage baskets are what hides the toys and makes cleaning up after playtime much easier. 


In our playroom we have bean bags and they work really well for our boys who just like to chill. Also, bean bags take up far less space than a sofa, so there's more room to play! 

Brands such as Big Bertha have fab bean bags in a whole range of styles and colours. Big Bertha even have a sofa bean bag chair which would make for an amazing and comfy space for kids to sit in a playroom. Alternatively, the armchair bean bag would be great for a reading corner or nook in the playroom.


A nice soft rug is a must for a playroom, especially if you have wooden floors like we do. This creates a comfier environment for children to play when they're on the floor.

Playmats are another great idea for a playroom. They can be bought with different designs such as roads, etc. and are a great addition to playtime for kids.


Books are a must-have in any playroom and we have bookshelves in ours, displaying some of our boys' favourite books. 

Some people like to make a feature out of bookshelves with seasonal books and styling and I love this idea for a playroom.

Table and Chairs

Another playroom essential, especially if your kids like to get creative is a table and chairs. We've had child-sized table and chairs for our boys since they were very young and they've gotten great use over the years.

You can even adapt the table into a LEGO table, etc. as your kids grow and start to play with more advanced building toys.

Play Kitchen

A play kitchen was one of our boys' favourite toys since they were very small and having one in your children's playroom makes for great imaginative play.

Play Tent

Another lovely addition to a playroom is a tent. We have a foldaway teepee style one for our boys and they used to love making dens in it, taking it out to the garden and having all their teddies in it.


A swing isn't something we've personally had in our playroom but I'd love to add one for baby number three. I've seen this beautiful velvet swing by Babysteps and I'd love to add it to our playroom.

Do you have these essentials in your playroom? Would you add anything else to the list?


If your kids love to be creative or simply want to practice their writing and drawing then a whiteboard/chalkboard (or double sized free-standing one if you can find one) is ideal.

My youngest boy loves his and it's really helped to spur on his love of writing. It keeps him busy for hours!


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