Friday, May 06, 2022

Paint Techniques to Brighten Your Home


The colour that you choose to paint your walls can have a profound impact on the feeling you are able to cultivate inside your home. Here are some tips for paint techniques that will brighten up your home.

Use Neutral Colours
One of the best ways to make a room feel brighter and more spacious is by increasing the natural light. Neutral colour choices, such as whites and creams, will enhance the natural light present in your rooms and make them feel larger. The lighter shades will also reflect more of that light, thus making the rooms seem brighter.
This is particularly true for children’s bedrooms which can often be little more than box rooms. By using lighter, neutral shades, you can really increase the feeling of space in your bedrooms with relative ease. If DIY is not the best option for you, you may hire a professional house painter to do the job.
This is a great technique to use when painting your bedrooms. Bedrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the house and yet a lot of time is spent in them. This is particularly true for children’s bedrooms which can often be little more than box rooms. By using lighter, neutral shades, you can really increase the feeling of space in your bedrooms with relative ease.
Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold
One of the hottest interior design trends of this year is a return to 60s and 70s inspired interiors. Bold colours are making a comeback in a big way, so now is your chance to try out something that might not have been in vogue a few years ago. Think mustard, sage, and terracotta colours that will really make your home feel distinctive. Try to err on the side of lighter shades to stop rooms from becoming dark and cramped. 60s and 70s inspired furniture and accessories will really tie your space together and give it a bright, bold, and unique feeling you can be proud of.
Take Inspiration from Nature
Natural colours are another trend that is really coming to the forefront this year. Shades of green and brown are very much in, and can really help your home to stand out. Again, lighter shades will keep rooms from feeling oppressive but don’t be afraid to try out deeper, more luxurious shades inspired by the natural world. These colours have a feeling of lightness and naturality to them since we subconsciously associate them with being outside and among nature. 
Coupled with natural-inspired furniture (rounded & irregular surfaces are key) and accessories, a more bucolic palette can help you to forget that you are inside and instead bring about feelings of long days out in the country.
Use Block Colours
While deeper and more rich shades can cause a room to feel smaller and darker if used on all of the walls, this is not your only option. In line with the trend of bolder colour choices coming back in, block colours are something that can go a long way to brightening up your home.
Consider painting three of the four walls in a given room in a light, neutral shade to enhance the natural light. Then, paint the remaining wall in a deeper shade of your choice, such as maroon or brown. By having the three neutral walls to offset the darker colour, your room will not feel smaller or more cramped. Instead, the bold colour will really brighten up the space and give a focal point to your room. Alternatively, experiment with blocks of colour around the room, not just limited to one wall. This can add splashes of colour and life all around your space and really make it pop.
Avoid Complicated Patterns
Complicated and intricate patterns on the walls can be a nice statement piece and add an air of uniqueness to your home. However, these patterns have a tendency to obscure the natural light in the room and make the whole space feel smaller. The visual busyness of patterns like this can also lead us to becoming bogged down in their design and make them feel oppressive and dark. Opt for simple patterns that highlight brighter colours, rather than obscure them. Clean lines and bold colours will make rooms feel larger, and your whole space feel brighter. 
Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for how to use paint to brighten your home. This is just the tip of the iceberg though and the possibilities are limitless. Use your creativity and have fun with it, and you are sure to create a bold, bright space for the whole family to enjoy!

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