Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {January 2022}

For many years I took part in The Siblings Project, a blogger-led photography challenge to capture a photo of your children together once a month each year.

I became really lax with this the past couple of years - although, I'm sure my photography loving self does have a picture of my boys together each month.

I want to begin The Siblings Project again this year and share a picture and some words for the boys to look back on when they're older and see just how close they were and how they grew together.

Tyler is now a month shy of turning 9 and Beau is 5. Both have grown so much during the last couple of years.

They enjoy each others company, as well as being alone too. Watching movies together is one of their favourite things to do and having sleepovers in each other's rooms. When I was pregnant with Beau I was worried that a 3 year age gap would mean the boys wouldn't be close, but they really are.

They have completely different personalities and interests - apart from the ones they enjoy together, so there's no competition between the boys and it's great.

It's lovely to see the brotherly bond they have and I hope they'll always be close.

This month Tyler is loving

Playing Fortnite with his uncle and friends from school.

Making LEGO towns.

Enjoying time with friends.

This month Beau is loving

Being back at school.

Drawing pictures. 

Learning to read books.



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