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Tips for Buying Your First Motorcycle




Buying your motorcycle, especially the first one, is an experience you’ll remember your whole life. The feeling can’t really compare to any other, you’ve dreamt about having a motorcycle probably for years. And now, this powerful machine is yours.

However, it’s important to research and find some tips for buying your first motorcycle, so you don’t make mistakes and have regrets after. Here are 5 tips for buying your first motorcycle, so finding the right one can be easier. 
Types of motorcycles
At first, it might be overwhelming how many different types of motorcycles are out there, but it’s important to get the idea so the process of choosing the right one for you is less challenging. 
Sport motorcycles: if you love the speed, sport motorcycles might be a fit for you. Also, they are super-fast, light, and made with power. However, they might be a little too powerful for beginners in motorcycling. 
Naked motorcycles: type of bike that recently got very popular. It’s a mix of sport and cruiser motorcycle, it can be a good fit for beginners, as it offers upright riding. 
Cruiser motorcycles: these are a classic style that you probably have in your mind. They are made for long trips and built heavier and bigger. 
Touring motorcycles: they are the largest and heaviest motorcycles you will find. If you dream to live on the road, this is the bike. However, they aren’t the best choice for new riders. 
Off-Road Motorcycles: you might know them as dirt bikes. So, designed for great performance on dirt, mud, and gravel. In addition to this, they have specific tires, so not the choice for driving on the road. 
Adventure Motorcycle: a mix between a classic motorcycle and an off-road motorcycle. If you want to ride on the road, but also would love to have an option for off-road. 
Cafe Racers: very popular among the younger generation. This motorcycle is fast, light, and small. So, cafe racers are made for shorter rides at high speed. 
Think about where and when you’ll be riding
To find the right motorcycle, try and think about how often and where you are going to ride most of the time. 
If you are planning to commute with your motorcycle, the best choice is to find one with smaller engines, lighter and excellent gas mileage. In addition, a great option to save money on your gas is to use a fuel card.
Or you might want to take longer road adventures? If so, it’s important to have extra cargo space and a motorcycle made to be comfortable for long roads, such as touring and cruisers motorcycles. 
Research as much as possible
In order to find out more about which motorcycle models and brands are recommended for beginners, always research the internet. You can find plenty of recommendations, guides, and answers to your questions about performance, brands, and models. 
Also, if you have friends who ride motorcycles, always turn to them to find out more about the first-hand experience, and opinions. In addition, online motorcycle groups and forums can be very helpful, with plenty of information. 
Choose a motorcycle that is comfortable
It’s important for your body to feel comfortable on your potential motorcycle. Look carefully into saddle shape and seat height, because these features can’t be easily modified. Beginners in riding often look for lower seats, so they can put their feet on the ground when stopping. 
However, some sport motorcycles can have models that are beginner-friendly with lower seats.
Another important characteristic of your bike is to be light. Most of the touring motorcycles are heavier, so it makes them more challenging to handle, especially for new riders. So, look for a motorcycle that you feel secure handling. 
Always buy gear
Gear is essential to ride your new motorcycle safely. You will need a dot-approved helmet, riding gloves, jacket, pants, boots, and goggles. Also, make sure everything fits perfectly into your body.
With these tips for buying your new motorcycle, it can be a less challenging process. Remember to be careful and enjoy your ride with your new motorcycle.


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