Thursday, January 13, 2022

My Top 5 Tips For Improving Confidence

*This post is in collaboration with Joe Brown's (PR gift)
Can you believe that it's almost two whole years since we went into lockdown with the outbreak of Covid?! It's absolutely crazy to think that that much time has passed since our lives changed forever and in some ways, we may not seem like the same person anymore - I know this is the case for me.

I miss who I was before all of this. My confidence has taken a battering over these past two years, shying away from social situations and not having the opportunity to dress up, wear makeup as often or get my hair done has left me feeling a bit lost in myself.

However, now that 2022 is here, I think it's time to claw back some glamour for ourselves, to start wearing the nice outfits again, embracing our post-lockdown bodies and just living again.

Joe Brown's have shared The Power of Dressing and how to be more confident with advice from confidence coach Jo Emerson. It's a great read if you're in need of some confidence boosting tips this new year.
Here are my person top 5 tips for improving confidence:

1. Dress for you
Dress for you and no one else. When you wear what you like you automatically feel better and more confident in yourself.

2. Wear well fitting clothes - and donate outgrown clothes
We've all been there, squeezing ourselves into clothes we think should fit but just don't and are uncomfortable in them for the rest of the day. Not only does this ruin our day (well, it does mine when I'm wearing something too tight) but it diminishes our confidence too as we're just not feeling our greatest in those clothes. Never be afraid to size up, remember, clothes should fit your body, not your body having to fit the clothes.

3. Experiment with different styles
By experimenting with different clothing styles and outfits we wouldn't normally choose, we can find ourselves falling in love with new pieces and gaining confidence. I have been following Sammi Jefcoate on TikTok who has been sharing daily style inspiration videos, putting together outfits that mix and match styles, looking amazing while doing so and inspiring others to do the same. Fashion should be fun and confidence enhancing.

4. Stop being negative about yourself
This is easier said than done, however, how I've learned to combat this is by speaking to myself as I would my children. Would I ever put my children down or comment negatively about their appearance? No. So why should I do this to myself? Once you stop the negative mindset and appreciate and accept who you are then confidence flows.

5. Don't focus on other people's perceptions of you

The best way to be confident is to not care about the opinions of others. Have an outfit that you absolutely love but think others will ridicule you for wearing, wear it anyway! Chances are, the doubt you're having about other people's opinions is actually the opposite. Take for example the beautiful velvet dress I'm wearing in the above picture. I thought people would make negative comments about it as it's high necked and I have quite a large bust, but I received so many wonderful comments about it and it really boosted my confidence and has made me want to try other styles and outfits I may have shied away from in the past.

Remember to not let anyone diminish your confidence, including yourself. Confidence is something that can be learned, especially after situations that can take a toll on our confidence levels, but once found, it's life-changing.

Thank you to Joe Browns for the beautiful clothing and for inspiring me to write this piece.


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