Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Wedding Entertainment Ideas For 2022




So much planning goes into the average wedding. In fact you could argue that weddings have become more thoroughly planned, down to increasingly fine details over the last twenty years or so. One detail that often stumps people and slows down the process is the wedding entertainment. How can we make our wedding stand out in the right way? What will entertain people of all ages and tastes? Let’s take a look at some of the top, contemporary wedding entertainment ideas for the coming year.
Acoustic wedding singer
Sometimes it pays to take a step back and consider the simplest solution. An acoustic wedding singer can be an incredible way to provide entertainment for a broad spectrum of guests of all ages. Not only are they experienced in judging an audience, but they can adapt their set to requests (within reason) and provide background music when needed and more direct entertainment as applicable.
Aunt Sally
Aunt Sally is a great, immensely fun outdoor game popular in the Cotswolds. It involves standing at a distance and throwing wooden sticks at a small block balanced on a pole. It is traditionally played outside pubs in the villages of the Cotswolds and drinking while playing is often mandatory! There are even Aunt Sally leagues. The game translates perfectly to the wedding environment, especially if you’ve opted for a Covid-safe outdoor wedding reception with tipis in a field.
Polaroid photo guestbook
This is not only a great way for guests to bond, creating unique photographs, but it will also provide a wonderful set of memories and moments for you to look back on in years to come. Just provide a few Polaroid cameras with plenty of Polaroid zinc photo paper and a book to place the photographs in and you’re away!
Another fun idea is to hire a caricaturist. They are, weather permitting, perfectly able to work in an outdoor environment and again provide a wonderful ice-breaker for guests and the works will no doubt provide a talking point throughout the day. It might, however, be worth making sure they are aware of any guests who might be sensitive to a bit of a mean interpretation before the event!
Evening DJ or flexible DJ-ing
No wedding is complete without a bit of an evening dance and when it comes to providing the music there are a number of options. You might decide on a theme – like a jazz, techno or rock n roll night, depending on your personal taste and if you are going for something bespoke, then you should make your choice then seek out a suitable DJ. Another fun option (although depending on the crowd it can become rather chaotic) is to have a laptop connected to your favourite streaming platform and invite guests to write their name on 30 minute slots on a chalkboard for a DJ spot. This can be incredibly entertaining and make for some leftfield choices, but works best for smaller, more intimate gatherings.


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