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Sustainable Skiing With AliKats Mountain Holidays


The world is opening up for travel once again and with climate change being a major concern for a lot of people right now, you may be looking for more sustainable holiday options, that don't have to compromise on comfort.

If you have a penchant for mountain or ski holidays, you may have experienced that luxury chalet holidays, with decadent food and cranked up heating, have typically come at a large cost to the environment.


One such holiday provider who is changing the face of mountain holidays to be more sustainable without any cost to luxury is AliKats Mountain Holidays

Located in the beautiful resort of Morzine, which is connected to the huge Portes du Soleil ski area in the French Alps, AliKats Mountain Holidays are making sustainable chalet holidays possible. Skiers can enjoy a luxury catered ski holiday in a stunning chalet with a hot tub, gorgeous bathrooms, comfortable bed and delicious meals prepared by a professional chef, all while keeping their green conscience clear. AliKats’ chalets are available year-round, catered or self-catered, and are perfectly located for skiing in the winter and hiking, biking or simply relaxing in the beautiful mountain summers.


Here are the ways in which AliKats Mountain Holidays are staying green, while providing a luxury holiday experience to their guest.



 Award winning home grown and locally sourced food


AliKats has always been a foodie chalet company, and has won numerous awards for its food. It’s quite unheard of for a chalet company to not only serve locally sourced food, but to grow their own produce and incorporate fresh eggs from their own chickens on the menu.


AliKats’ chef uses local cheese and meat, which tastes better and gives guests the chance to sample local produce. It also reduces carbon emissions created by production and transportation. 

Whilst in their permaculture garden, Al and Kat, owners of AliKats, grow tasty organic vegetables and fruits to preserve/freeze for the chalet menus.


Renewable energy


AliKats power all of their chalets, office and central kitchen with renewable energy.


They install air source heat pumps in chalets to generate renewable energy to power radiators and underfloor heating, and generate hot water for showers, baths and taps.


 Zero waste policy


AliKats have a zero waste policy, where waste is measured and monitored, with targets set to reduce waste and divert from landfills and incinerators.

The company has taken time to build a network of local partners, specialist repair shops and craftsmen. They employ maintenance workers within their team to help repair and extend the life of items.

They limit or avoid plastics by replacing them with more sustainable materials such as bamboo toothbrushes, glass jars and tin containers. Salami and ham is purchased directly from the suppliers without plastic packaging.

Hotel and chalet holiday breakfast tables often contain yogurts in plastic pots, imagine how many yogurt pots are used and disposed of over a year? Plastic consumption from shop-bought yogurt pots has been eliminated at AliKats by making batches of natural yogurt and fruit compote for flavouring. It tastes delicious and is healthier too!

These are just a few examples you can read more on zero waste at AliKats here: 


Reducing Carbon


AliKats’ have a Carbon Action Plan to ensure they reach net zero in 2022.

AliKats’ Climate Action Plan highlights the key areas where AliKats is making changes across the business. The 4 part plan involves measuring the company’s carbon footprint by tracking CO2/CO2e operations the company emit in kg across transport, accommodation, waste, and food provisions; identifying and taking steps to reduce this amount; and mitigating remaining carbon emissions in reputable off setting projects. The final part is ‘communication’ and involves transparently sharing progress, in the hope that other businesses will follow suit for a unified response to the climate crisis across the ski, and wider tourism sector.


Greener transport


AliKats’ have an expanding fleet of electric vehicles operating around resort.


AliKats create regular promotions to encourage train travel to the Alps, via Cluses, Thonon-les-Bains or Geneva stations, to reduce air travel, and are supporting the Alpine Express initiative to improve train travel to their part of the Alps.

Fewer chemicals and toxins


From staff uniforms to cleaning products, garden fertilisers and bathroom toiletries; AliKats make their own or use eco-friendly products with no chemicals or toxins. This is better for the environment and better for guests, as chalet spaces are not polluted by harsh chemicals.


If you’re looking for a luxurious ski holiday in a beautiful resort, why not go one step further and choose an eco-friendly chalet that will ensure your holiday has minimal impact on the stunning mountain environment that makes skiing so special.


Find Out More


You can read more detail about the company’s sustainability initiatives in AliKats’ online sustainability hub, or follow AliKats’ Instagram account where you will find Al and Kat at home, in the garden and in their chalets as they hone their skills on sustainable living and operating an eco-friendly business.

The below video gives a glimpse into the special atmosphere and comfort that AliKat's has to offer  holiday makers skiers. As you can see, their sustainable holidays do not compromise on style, luxury, comfort or fun and offer a unique experience that guests holiday makers are sure to love, remember and long to return to.




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