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Traditional Festive Bakes From Around the World



Christmas is the time for giving, spending time with loved ones, and home baking those festive favourites wherever you are in the world. 

Depending on where you're from, your baking list will look different from other countries. Many of us have our own special recipes passed down to us from family members with each one being slightly different. This is what makes baking so magical, as everyone has a slightly different taste and texture preference.
Some festive bakes are enjoyed all over the world, whereas others might completely repulse another part of the world.
Lets take a look at some of the more popular and well known bakes around the globe.


In the UK at Christmas, home kitchen bakers are usually whipping up a batch of mince pies, brandy snaps, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake. Although traditional Christmas puddings may be slowly dying out in popularity, the Christmas mince pie is still a festive favourite.
In France, galettes des rois "kings' cakes" are a must-have at the annual Epiphany celebrations on January 6th – layered with frangipane or almond paste and embellished with glazed fruits. The Epiphany celebrations are also known as le reveillon, which means "the Christmas meal".
In Spain , home bakers are also baking up their traditional Roscon de Reyes "Three Kings Bread" for the Epiphany celebrations on January 6th - This yeast dough roll is often filled with fruit jams that symbolise the various kings who visited Jesus bearing gifts after his birth. You'll be able to spot it in the bakeries due to its colourful ring design.
Meanwhile in Germany , you're most likely to find stollen fruit breads around Christmastime alongside other favourites like lebkuchen spice cookies. Germany also is home to the gingerbread house, made famous worldwide from the tale of Hansel and Gretel. You'll find these for sale at any good Christmas market, as well as the home baking kits made available in supermarkets around the world.
Gingerbread is actually one of the most popular Christmas treats, with so many festive designs available from the classic gingerbread man, to candy cane designs and snowmen. Its very simple to bake, and could be part of your very own festive tradition to be enjoyed with family and friends.
In Italy, panettone – a rich and airy baked yeast-based bread – is served as part of the traditional Christmas Eve feast, known as the cenone della Vigilia. This Italian panettone dessert has been made in Italy during the Christmas period since medieval times. The sweet-tasting, raisin enriched bread goes well served with coffee after dinner. 
You'll usually see these all over the supermarkets during the winter months, in the big fancy decorative boxes. They make for great gifts because of this, although that doesn't mean you can't buy and indulge yourself in this Italian gem. Some prefer it plain, others prefer it toasted with a bit of butter.
No matter where you are from, the feeling of baking during Christmas is still the same. It's a time of giving and enjoying the festive period with your loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime. So whether you're into stollen fruit breads or gingerbread houses, even if it is just whipping up a quick batch of mince pies on Christmas Eve to save yourself some time on the big day itself , baking at this time of year always has such a great feeling to it.
Christmas baking might not be for everyone out there, but I hope more people give it a go and start their own traditions in their own homes. If you're after some more baking inspiration, check out some of the cakes available at Anges De Sucre.
So there we have it, a few traditional bakes from around the world. Why don't you let us know your favourite things to bake at Christmas in the comments.


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