Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Three Ways to Modernise Your Bedroom




Britain is undergoing a renovation renaissance; last year, UK homeowners collectively spent over £55 billion on renovating their home, an average of over £4000 per home. But much of this money went to the creation of home bars, gym rooms and office spaces – and the bedroom has been criminally neglected. Bringing your bedroom into the 21st century can be a revolutionary act – reconnecting you with a personal space all to yourself, and to your sleep. Here are some key ways you can modernise your bedroom.
Maximise Your Space
Bedrooms should feel airy and calm – a space in which you can breathe and feel at peace. This can be difficult to achieve when there a glut of furniture and clutter crowding your space. Create a plan of your bedroom, with scale footprints of your existing furniture. Figuratively pull out the furniture and think of ways you can re-arrange your space to make the most of natural light, quirky features like slanted ceilings, and even wall sockets for power. It may be that something as simple as moving your bed can create more standing room, giving you more of a sense of freedom in your bedroom.
Choose Contemporary Furniture
Here, there is an important distinction to make: that of the difference between the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’. They are often used interchangeably, but for certain subjects – including interior design – they are different concepts entirely. The term ‘modern’ stands apart from the verb ‘modernise’, instead referring to a specific era in art, culture and interior design – more specifically, the late modern era of the early to mid 20th century. Contemporary design, meanwhile, describes the tastes of the present day, including as they do a hodgepodge of influences past and present. In bringing your bedroom into the present day, you’re embracing contemporary design ideas – and should be choosing your furniture with that in mind.
Textures are an important part of the decision when it comes to furniture – dark, rich woods create a sense of elegance, and command a space, while lighter woods and coated furniture take a back seat to the room’s negative space. Type of furniture can also affect your relationship with the space; sliding wardrobes create a sleek front, and the perfect place to organise your clothes and keep them out of sight. Low-height drawers keep your eyeline uncluttered, especially when you rise out of bed. Tall shelves can disappear into unused corners, and draw the eye if adorned with hanging plants as well as useful items.
Think Carefully About Colour
Contemporary interior design is presently leaning towards maximalist aesthetics, where bold colours meet and play in rooms chock full of detail and vibrancy. For a more classic contemporary style, you may be tempted to shy away from louder colours, opting for muted tones and a sleeker look to your room. Ultimately, your colour decisions depend not only on the décor of the rest of your home, but on your ambitions for your bedroom space. Is it merely a room to sleep in, or do you want it to be an extension of your personality? If so, the walls should fill you with joy every time you wake up – so be sure to pick colours you find fun and invigorating. If the former, you may be happier with muted colours, and the calm they can create for rest and relaxation.


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