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How Do I Know My Baby's Size?




There’s a reason why the baby apparel market is worth roughly $135.5 billion. This industry is worth so much because parents constantly need to purchase new clothes for their babies.
Because babies bodies are growing so rapidly they often need multiple sets and sizes of clothes within a year. Unfortunately, this rapid body change can make finding your baby’s size a bit of a nightmare. If you want to learn your baby’s size and understand more about baby clothes in general, then you’re in the right place.
In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about this complicated issue. That way, both you and your baby can enjoy proper clothes that fit. 
How Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Size?
It’s important to remember that most baby-size charts are broken down by averages. As we mentioned before, this is due to the constantly growing nature of a baby’s body.
To compensate for these changes three factors determine the right size of clothing for a baby. These factors include the baby’s age, weight, and length. If you’re shopping in the United States, then sizing is typically broken down by weight. Here’s a rough chart that you can follow:
Preemie (or P) fits up to five pounds
Newborn (or NB) fits between five and eight pounds
Three months fits between eight to twelve pounds
Six months fits between twelve to sixteen pounds
Nine months fits between sixteen to twenty pounds
Twelve months fits between twenty to twenty-four pounds
Eighteen months fits between twenty-four to twenty-eight pounds
Twenty-four months fits between twenty-eight to thirty pounds
2T fits between twenty-nine to thirty-two pounds
3T fits between thirty-two to thirty-five pounds
4T fits between thirty-five to thirty-nine pounds
5T fits between thirty-nine to forty-three pounds

Keep in mind that not all countries follow this system. For example, European baby clothes use the length of the baby instead of the weight. As such, it’s not uncommon to see a European size that reads 70.
This means that the size should fit a baby that’s 70 centimeters or less in weight. It’s also important to remember that these sizes aren’t set in stone. All babies grow at different rates.
As such, you can’t expect all five-month babies to fit into the three to sixth-month weight and size category. So, if your baby is above or below the average weight and height, then you must compensate for this properly.
Do Your Research On the Brand
Sadly, not all baby clothes brands create their clothes equally. There’s often a huge discrepancy in sizes between these different clothing brands. Certain clothes will run longer or shorter depending on the brand.
As such, it helps to read reviews before purchasing. Customers will usually let you know whether a brand’s clothes run too large or too small. Alternatively, you can also check the brand’s website. They’ll likely have a specific sizing chart so you can get exact measurements.
Be Aware of the Labels
It’s important to remember that the size that’s listed on the label is the maximum size for a child. What does that mean? It means that a size that’s three months will only fit babies up to three months in age.
As such, babies that are three months old will usually wear six months or nine months size depending on their specific features. Because of this, you shouldn’t purchase a three months size if your baby is three months old. Or else, you’ll just be wasting money on a product that won’t fit in a few weeks.
Think About Which Fabric Is Best
Size isn’t the only thing that you should consider when looking for baby clothing. It’s also important to consider the type of fabric. Remember that your baby will likely be making a mess of their clothes. As such, it’s not uncommon to have to change them multiple times per day.
In addition to this, you should remember that certain fabrics perform differently when you wash them. For example, cotton almost always shrinks in size when you dry it. As such, you should compensate accordingly when looking for sizes.
Keep Trying Until You Find a Brand That Works
Don’t be afraid to try and fail. Keep shopping until you find a brand that works for you. Then, when you find the right one you can purchase exclusively from them.
Where Can You Find Baby Clothes?
You might be wondering where it’s better to purchase baby clothes: in-person at stores or online. The truth is that both have their benefits and drawbacks.
Shopping in-person for baby clothes has the benefit of allowing you to see the size in person before purchasing it. This gives you a better sense of whether or not it will fit your baby.
However, there are lots of benefits to shopping online too. For one thing, there’s a lot more selective with new baby clothes being available every day. It’s also easier to find good deals becomes you can shop around and compare prices more easily.
Finally, there’s the fact that you don’t need to leave your home to order them. This is great for people with busy schedules that don’t have time out of their day to visit an in-person shop.
Want More Content? Keep Exploring
I hope this article helped you answer the question, How do I know my baby’s size? As you can see, it’s almost impossible to perfectly know your baby’s size. There are simply too many variables.
Whether it’s the fact that your baby is changing size each week, or the variance in sizes between brands, you will never get the measurements 100% correct. However, as long as you’re within the ballpark and your baby is comfortable, then you should be in the clear.
Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love.



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