Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Rise of the Granfluencers with Chums



 *This is a collaborative post.

Social media can have a very inspiring affect on us as people. We all have accounts we love to follow, for whichever reason, whether it be fashion inspiration, lifestyle tips, travel inspiration, etc. and the majority of us log on each day to see what these people are up to and to follow the pieces of their lives they share online.

Before, social media was primarily aimed at younger people and the majority of the popular influencers were in their teens and twenties. These days though, social media has changed and people of all ages and backgrounds are gaining popularity and in a monumental way too. This has been affectionately termed by Chums as 'the rise of the Granfluencers' #Granfluencers.

Chums are sharing all about the rise of the Granfluencers in their three part campaign and it's great to see so many older women rocking the world of social media. It just proves you're never too old to conquer anything and live your dreams!

The oldest lady on the Granfluencer league table is Iris Apfel, who is 99 and has gained an impressive 1.6 million followers!


Other Granfluencers on the league table range from 50+ and all have gained amazing followings and earning potentials by sharing their impeciable styles with the online world. It's also great to see men on the league table too.

Granfluencers presence on social media is a great thing and more power to them for being so stylish and tech-savvy at an older age (I'm 31 and struggle at times to keep up with all the changes!). It shows that no matter what time of your life you're in, there will always be people in that stage too who want to follow along for inspiration, etc.

I think Granfluencers may also have a more genuine presence on social media as they have experience and wisdom to pass on to their audiences and may not be too consumed with follower numbers, like counts, etc. I imagine it would be a more fun-loving experience of them just posting outfits and snippets of their lives that they genuinely love and people love to follow that.

Social media can be a really great place to share all we love with the world and I love seeing it be so age inclusive. Thankfully, I've never had to deal with trolls - and I can only hope that Granfluencers have the same experience. Instagram in particular has a great community spirit and everyone is so kind, so I can see why older people have joined and enjoy sharing their lives on there.

I've also seen a lot of older people on TikTok, enjoying making videos either by themselves or with younger family members and they really just radiate positivity and a bit of fun, which is really important in the online world.

What are your thoughts on Granfluencers? Do you follow any older influencers?


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