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Products That Help Ease Children's Blocked Noses - The Colief Breathe Easy Range


*This post is in collaboration with Colief.

You never know when your children can suddenly start feeling under the weather. In most cases it's sudden and short lived, but this means that we always have to have our medicine box stocked with products that just work to help them feel better.

One brand which we've used for years now and have always been impressed by is Colief. Every Colief product we've used with our boys, from their Vitamin D3 Drops to their Baby Scalp Oil has worked so well and I wanted to share two other Colief products which we've used a lot with our boys and which always worked so well for them too.

The Colief Breathe Easy range consists of two great products which do exactly as they say - help kids to breathe easy when they need some relief from a stuffed nose or the sniffles. We all know how easily children can pick up colds or get blocked noses (through all seasons!), so having products such as the Colief Breathe Easy range on hand to help them feel a bit better when they need it is a must.

Colief Breathe Easy Patch and Breathe Easy Vapour Rub are products which are constantly stocked in our medicine box. They've come to the rescue so many times when the boys have suddenly gotten unexpected sniffles or blocked noses, which made it a little harder for them to breathe and get a good night's sleep.

Just this past week these products have come to the rescue again for Beau, with him suffering terribly with a sudden blocked nose (I'm blaming hayfever season!), so I can vouch for the fact that they work well each and every time we need them. 

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch is a great product and a non-invasive way of helping kids to breathe easier when they need a little help to. It sticks onto their pyjama top (or bedding if you prefer) and they wouldn't even know it's there unless they're told so, so it's not a bother to them in the slightest.

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch contains a comforting, natural blend of essential oils, to help easy the discomfort and stuffiness of a blocked nose. It contains natural vapours of eucalyptus (which is one of the best natural remedies for congestion), peppermint, rosemary and lemon oils, which all help to soothe and relieve a blocked or runny nose in children.

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch is scientifically proven to last up to eight hours, so children can get a good night's sleep. From just €6.20 per pack (containing 6 patches), it's a very cost-effective way of helping to relieve little one's blocked or runny noses too.

The newest addition to the Colief Breathe Easy range is the Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub. Again, this product works fantastically to easy a child's blocked or runny nose and it's so easy to use.

It's a gentle and safe decongestant for babies and children and is so gentle, in fact, that it can be used on babies from as young as three months. I honestly wish this product was available when my boys were babies and had blocked noses, this would have worked wonders for them.

Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub comes in a convenient stick form, which makes for mess-free and fuss-free application - which is always great when it comes to products for children.

Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub can be applied directly to the skin - I apply it under my boys' noses, on their chest and the top of their back when they need it. It contains natural ingredients such as almond and coconut oils so it's safe, doesn't irritate the skin and my boys' never mind having it applied. 

Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub contains soothing eucalyptus, a natural anti-inflammatory and menthol, which works well alongside eucalyptus to help aid congestion in the nose for easier breathing.

The Colief Breathe Easy range has worked really well for us as a family, any time we've needed to use it's products. We always have the stocked in our medicine box and I can't recommend them enough to other parents.

It's always great when you find products, aimed at children's health, that do what they say they will and help them to feel better in some way.

To find out more about the Colief Breathe Easy range and Colief's range of other fantastic products, please visit the Colief website


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