Thursday, June 10, 2021

Amazing Historic Themed Book Gifts From Historic Newspapers

With Father's Day coming up, I had been in search of some special gifts for Jacek - the man who has everything! It's really hard to find a special gift for him, that he doesn't already have or needs.

When Historic Newspapers got in touch and made me aware of their amazing and incredibly special personalised newspaper gifts, I knew that I'd have to get one for Jacek.

Historic Newspapers offer a range of personalised newspaper gifts to cover all occasions and interests such as sports, football and history. They have a stock of over 3 million newspapers dating back over 100 years and offer newspapers for birth dates, etc. It's a really unique gift idea and very lovely I think.

When I saw their history books I thought they were incredibly special and I knew that Jacek would love one.

I chose the World War II Anniversary Book for him as he likes history and reading up on it, watching movies set around the time, etc. I'll be honest, as someone with a history degree specialising in WWII, I'd love to have been gifted this book myself!

This book was specially created by Historic Newspapers to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WWII. It features headlines and pictures from the era leading up to the start of the war in 1939, to the end of the war five years later. When reading through the book you can imagine what it was like for people living through this reading these headlines and newspaper articles at the time too.

As a photographer, I was highly impressed with the quality of photos within the book too and there are some very special moments captured within it.

The book comes presented in a gift box, which protects the book. You can personalise it with any name and message on the title page. It's bound in black leather and you can choose to emboss a name on the front cover - I put Jacek's name to make his gift even more special and personal to him and his love of history.

It's a tabloid sized book, so quite large, like a proper newspaper.

It's such an impressive book. It costs £79.99 and is well worth the money for such a special book. It makes the perfect gift for history lovers and Historic Newspapers also have history books available commemorating WWI, the Napoleonic Wars, the sinking of the Titanic, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and even music history books too.

If you're looking for a very special gift which Dad will treasure this Father's Day I highly recommend taking a look at the Historic Newspapers website and their amazing historic themed book gifts at


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