Monday, June 28, 2021

7 Best Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

Travelling is one of the most fun and fulfilling things one can do in their free time and in order to make the most out of it you should be well prepared. Here are some travel hacks that will make your trip more enjoyable, so read on.
Use Airbnb
Hotels tend to be very expensive, so if you want to save some money try booking a home or a room through a booking service such as Airbnb. The downside is that you will probably not have food included in the price and you’ll have to make do with local bakeries or restaurants or maybe even cook for yourself sometimes. However, if you’re travelling on a budget this is a great option to have in mind.
Pack sensibly
When you’re travelling you really don’t need that much clothes. Think carefully about the things you’ll actually need for the time of your trip. To save some more space in your suitcase you may even try rolling up your clothes instead of folding them. This way you’ll make more space for souvenirs! It’s also very important to know that you can wash your clothes when you get there and it doesn’t always have to be tiresome. If you’re travelling to the New Jersey area you can make use of dry cleaners in Edgewater. This service is great for travelling because you can just drop off your clothes and not think about it until it’s done since it will be delivered to your Airbnb’s or hotel’s doorstep.
Have an extra bag
Keeping an extra bag in your backpack may come in handy. You can make use of it if you need to go grocery shopping right after your flight or if you dirty your shirt and you need somewhere to put it. 
Have local currency on you
If you’re travelling internationally it is very important to have local money on you. Most places will let you pay with your card and the currency will be automatically transferred but a lot of places don’t accept plastic money. This is especially true of smaller grocery shops in Europe. To save yourself from the discomfort of filling up your cart and then having to put it all back because you have no means of paying for it, adequately supply yourself with cash.
Eat local
McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King have become a safe food for most of us when we travel. However, you can’t really immerse yourself in the local culture without trying their national cuisine. Chances are you will end up satisfied because you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and you will probably save some money. You can also go round and explore local farmer’s markets. You will experience the true day to day life of the native people and you may even find something interesting to bring home.
Try using the local language
Of course you can’t become fluent in a language during your transatlantic flight but you can memorize a few phrases. Learning how to say ‘hi’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ will set you apart from other tourists. A lot of local people will really appreciate that you took some time to learn even the most basic remarks and you may even get some preferential treatment.
Unpack ASAP
Unpack as soon as you get home. It is understandable that you will feel tired and drained from all the travel and possibly even jet lagged. However, find the energy to power through these last efforts of travel, you’ll be glad you did it in the morning. The sooner you unpack, the less likely it is you will have to deal with clothes that smell like a wet dog.


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