Monday, May 31, 2021

Beautiful and Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts From Proper Goose

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Father's Day is just three weeks away and if you're looking for beautiful and thoughtful Father's Day gifts, then you have to check out Proper Goose.

Proper Goose have a wide range of personalised gifts and letterbox gifts to suit all occasions. Their Father's Day gifts are nothing short of beautiful and are sure to make thoughtful and sentimental gifts this Father's Day.

Not only are Proper Goose's Father's Day gifts beautifully made, they're also very affordable too, making them a perfect gift idea this Father's Day.

I choose three different gifts from their Father's Day collection and I think they're all so lovely.

Jacek works quite a lot - and long hours too, so some days the boys don't get to spend much time with him at all. This makes his days off something very special to the boys and when I saw the Personalised Adventure Tokens (£15), I thought this would make a lovely gift for choosing ways to spend quality time together.

This sweet little keepsake tin, which you can personalise with names, comes with 10 wooden tokens, that you can also personalise to dream up your own adventures.

I love this gift idea as it's a nice way of encouraging quality time together and there's no gift better than that! It also creates some excitement for the boys when their Dad will allow them to choose an 'adventure' from the tin.

This is a super sweet gift and I think Jacek (and the boys!) will really love this gift idea.

If you're looking for something a bit different from the usual Father's Day card this year, then why not take a look at Proper Goose's Wooden Photo Dad Love Letter Card (£13). This beautiful wooden photo card is something that Dad can treasure forever.

Add one of your favourite photos together on the front and a special message on the back for a very sentimental and beautiful keepsake for Father's Day.

I chose a picture of Jacek, the boys and one of our lambs from this St. Patrick's Day as it's such a fun photo and a lovely memory of them all together.

On the back you can personalise a special note to day and I love how it comes engraved with a stamp and a special font signature too. In hindsight, I should have written a longer note on this beautiful card, but it's still a lovely and thoughtful gift idea.

The last gift I chose from the Proper Goose Father's Day gift range was the Personalised Wooden Keepsake Photo Tokens (£15).

As a family, we love adventures, creating lots of memories together and capturing them all on camera. However, a lot of our memories are captured with Jacek behind the camera instead of in front of it, so I wanted to create some keepsakes to celebrate some of his moments with the boys over the years.

The personalised wooden keepsake photo tokens are so beautifully done. I love how 'vintage' they feel with the beautiful print on the wood and the engraving of the memory too.

Presented in a very sweet little tin, this makes for a very thoughtful Father's Day gift idea.

This would make a very beautiful and thoughtful gift for Father's Day and something which Dad can treasure forever. 

To see more gift ideas that Proper Goose have to offer and to shop their full collection visit


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